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Malta Police Force

Imagine a Country where busses, taxi drivers, and mini bus drivers block off completely roads of national importance. Like roads to Airport, access to Cruise liner terminals, road leading to the Capital or main city. Even emergency services are blocked access of free passage the likes of ambulances on an emergency call. Imagine of private company coach transport drivers are stopped beaten up, coach keys stolen in full view of foreign visitors. Imagine being a foreigner having to go to the airport to catch your flight home and there is no means of transport and having to walk kilometers in the scorching heat tugging your luggage. Imagine that all this is happening in full view of the police force with no effort in giving safe passage and access to motorists trying to go about their daily work or tourist to enjoying their visit by going on site seeing tours. Imagine that the Government subsidies their transport service. Imagine there is no means to transport the dead for burial and given a dignified funeral service.

I bet you would think of an African nation, the likes of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. No, Welcome to the Island of Malta. Where recently the Minister in-charge of transport liberalized the Funeral Hearse Transport for competition. The result was a full blown strike of all transport services on the Island.

Of course. Strikes and protest are a worker’s right. What is not right is the abuse. They are blocking public roads where the disruption of the right of thousands of workers to go about their work. What is not right is closing off access to the Airport. What is not right is not giving access to emergency services. What is not right is that illegal parking and other driving violations are not booked and fined.

While I can admire the courage of the transport Minister Mr. Austin Gatt, I cannot but abhor the Prime Minister’s inaction to remove violet thugs from the roads. I am surprised that although the transport licensing system is monopolized and issued to provide a service, the license is not revoked for those not giving a service as provided on the license provision and their vehicles removed off the road. We were told that Government revoked subsides for licensing the bus insurance, which obviously means that all busses on the roads are now illegally on the road without insurance.

I congratulate Mr. Gatt the honorable Minister of Transport, but I hope and wish you can take Prime Minister Gonzi’s place, as you showed competence in your job far more better than the Prime Minister. You got the admiration and support of the vast majority of our nation that is willing to back and support your decision because the final benefit will be for better completion and service to the public. An issue that has been dragging for ages that past incompetent Ministers did not have the courage to tackle and left it all to you Minister Gatt, don’t be discouraged or given in to the blackmailers, that are terrorizing and taking the whole Nation as hostages;

I must shame the other Ministries that should give better supporting service to the Transport Minister, Namely the Minister in charge of the armed forces and the Police Force for not clamping down on illegalities immediately as they happen. That can only mean one thing, that these Ministers are incompetent in doing their assigned job and are in it because of the money or because papa was their so you can ride on his behalf.

The roles of the army have changed to a water taxi services to bring in illegal immigrants. Which thank God they didn’t spring to the occasion and make their own riots and escaping from detention? That would have really spread eagled the Police Force. The police force is fast acquiring the reputation of Police Farce, for their inability to protect the public from the illegal rampage. While all industries and commerce is suffering millions of Euros losses from abusive transport workers.

Is this the European State of Malta, still with the 1900’s mentality of protectionism, wanting everything in Government handouts for no service? With a Government that is weak with thugs and hooligans while Strong and mighty with the honest law abiding citizens. Is this the best protection that the Prime Minister Mr. Gonzi can grantee to the citizens for their millions of Euros paid in taxes? Again no signs of leader except amateurs to run our Government save Mr. Gatt.


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