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Is the European Union changing into the Devil’s Union

It looks like the Masons of Europe has gained enough power to dictate the rights and wrongs. Freedom and democracy have been virtually been wiped out. The people of European Countries and the centuries of law building as structured by the inhabitants of each Country are being dismantled to a one size fit all European Constitution.
The very foundations (democracy and freedom) on which the EU was built have now been weakened with imposition (blackmailing) EU Countries into accepting the vehemently rejected EU Constitution, which the only gainers are tremendous powers given to the unelected EU leaders – just like their predecessor dictators.
Moral values are no longer included in the EU vocabulary and the treading of rights of each individual citizen in his own Country, to be governed by his elected representatives and legislated law in his own Country is now bypassed to reflect the will of the dictators in the EU.
Let us take the recent The European Court of Human Rights ruling to abolish crucifixes from classrooms in Italy which is rejected by the absolute majority of Italian – can only indicate one thing, No matter what or how citizens feel, they must obey their EU masters. Now if this EU court ruling applies for Italy, then it must apply for all EU Countries.
Now if a cross is deemed offensive, than works of art will have to be seen as illegal and have to be destroyed, I have personally seen art painting depicting angels white and demons black – they have to go, all other shrines of worship such as Fatima and Lourdes – according to our immaculate experts will logically have to go. It also gives reason to believe that taking an oath in the justice system irrelevant as would taking an oath in any office to serve the Country, if the cross or bible means nothing so does the oath which will mean that none of those serving a Country is obliged to honor their oath!! Criminals will be assured absolute protection with a fuck the victim attitude – all in the name of the blackmailing unelected EU dictators in Brussels. The only concern and ambition of the EU unelected leadership is to take on America. On that same note, one has to remember that ALL GREAT WORLD WARS ORIGINATED FROM EUROPE, and the next one is no exception. Those that thought the Nazi have lost the war must re think again – How did an un-elected gain so much power? Now how did an un-elected EU council gain so much power? The strategy is different but the outcome will defiantly be the same. Why is illegal immigration in the EU left un-checked, it is only to rub in guilt from past wars and pave the way for a reason for internal racial conflicts to start where drastic measures can be taken to take full control as done in communist Countries.

As Reported in the Times Of Malta (with comments from readers)

Tuesday, 3rd November 2009 – 18:57CET

Uproar over EU court ruling against Crucifix – Archbishop Cremona reacts
‘Should this situation arise in Malta one day, it will be my duty to insist, along with Maltese Christians, that the crucifix retains its place in public places.’

(Adds Archbishop’s reaction, question in Parliament)

The European Court of Human Rights ruled today that Italian schools should remove crucifixes from classrooms, sparking uproar in Italy, where such icons are embedded in the national psyche.

“This is an abhorrent ruling,” said Rocco Buttiglione, a former culture minister who helped write papal encyclicals.

“It must be rejected with firmness. Italy has its culture, its traditions and its history. Those who come among us must understand and accept this culture and this history,” he said.

The court ruling, which Italy said it would appeal, said crucifixes on school walls, a common sight that is part of every Italian’s life, could disturb children who were not Christians.

Italy has been in the throes of national debate on how to deal with a growing population of immigrants, mostly Muslims, and the court sentence is likely to become another battle cry for the centre-right government’s policy to restrict newcomers.

The Vatican spokesman said he would not comment until he knew more about the ruling but Italy’s powerful bishops’ conference said the ruling “evokes sadness and bewilderment”.

Members of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government bristled, weighing in with words such as “shameful”, “offensive”, “absurd,” “unacceptable,” and “pagan”.


Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said the court has dealt a “mortal blow to a Europe of values and rights,” adding that it was a bad precedent for other countries.

Condemnation crossed party lines. Paola Binetti, a Catholic in the opposition Democratic Party, the successor of what was once the West’s largest communist party, said: “In Italy, the crucifix is a specific sign of our tradition.”

The case was brought by an Italian national, Soile Lautsi, who complained that her children had to attend a public school in northern Italy which had crucifixes in every room.

Education Minister Mariastella Gelmini said crucifixes on the walls of tens of thousands of classrooms “does not mean adherence to Catholicism” but are a symbol of Italy’s heritage.

“The history of Italy is marked by symbols and if we erase symbols we erase part of ourselves,” Gelmini said.

Lautsi, the woman who filed the suit, said crucifixes on walls ran counter to her right to give her children a secular education and the Strasbourg-based court ruled in her favour.

“The presence of the crucifix … could be encouraging for religious pupils, but also disturbing for pupils who practised other religions or were atheists, particularly if they belonged to religious minorities,” the court said in a written ruling.

“The State (must) refrain from imposing beliefs in premises where individuals were dependent on it,” it added, saying the aim of public education was “to foster critical thinking”.


At least one Muslim girl disagreed with the court.

“If the crucifix is there and I am a Muslim I will continue to respect my religion. Jesus in the classroom doesn’t bother me,” Zenat, a 14-year-old girl of Egyptian origin, told Reuters Television.

Mario Baccini, a senator in Berlusconi’s People of Freedom party, said the court had “gone adrift in paganism”.

Two Italian laws dating from the 1920s, when the Fascists were in power, state that schools must display crucifixes.

Alessandra Mussolini, granddaughter of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, said such rulings were leading to “a Europe without an identity”.

Only a handful of politicians defended the court, including some members of the Democratic Party, as well as members of the communist party and atheist groups.


Archbishop Paul Cremona said that should this situation arise in Malta one day, it would be his duty to insist, along with Maltese Christians, that the crucifix should retain its place in public places.

A spokesman for the curia said it was still early to comment on the decision as the judgement could be appealed.


Opposition MP Alfred Sant this evening raised the issue in Parliament and asked if the government had a reaction. The Acting Speaker, Carmelo Abela, however, said the question could not be raised at that time.
Alex Ellul (22 minutes ago)
Quod non fecerunt Barbari Romae, fecit Barberini. What the Italian communists did not manage to do has been now carried out by the new barbarians in power in Europe.
J Farrugia (28 minutes ago)
Let me set the record straight. I have no faith in these European bureaucratic institutions. For me they are a waste of people’s money. Then taken into account the recent bocciatura of Rocco Buttiglione because he was a catholic, and the recent verdict regarding the crucifix, (following Spain’s removal of crucifix in its own territory, be that as it may) if ever in Malta we are met with such a decision (surely it will never happen under the PN Governments) I will institute a constitutional case for the removal of all islamic, hindu and other religious signs and wear from all the Maltese territory. Moreover the Holy cross will never be removed from anywhere in public places. Irrespective of any court decision which may in future be taken with regards to oour Island. And no one will get a tiny penny given to them by our or foreign courts. No one. They will get only what they truly deserve. Our condemnation.
Raymond Sammut (33 minutes ago)
The first sentence of this report is misleading because it implies that the ECHR is requiring the Italian government to remove crucifxes from classrooms; which is not the case.

In accordance with the Italian Constitution, the Italian government may allow schools to display the crucifix in classrooms. However, there also appears to be a conflict in this same constitution which requires separation of State and Church.

More serious is what this report is omitting, namely, the fact that Ms Soile Lautsi has been awarded €5000 in damages by the ECHR which the Italian government has to pay.

Now imagine a potential scenario in Malta where the Archbishop with “Maltese Christians” take to the streets in defense of the crucifix while Gonzi in Castile has to keep forking out €5000 in damages to parents on Malta suing in the ECHR. It would be interesting to see which stance Gonzi will take. Will it be the crucifix or will it be the €5000.

In the meantime, the pro-crucifix Italian government can still appeal to the European Court of Human Rights’ Grand Chamber where we can be sure the Vatican will give the Italian government their support.
Joss Galea (34 minutes ago)
If someone UNinvited comes to my house I wouldn’t change my furniture becuase he doesn’t like it. If he wants to stay and live off my wae in my own house, he has to stick to my rules. If he doesn’t like it he can go where he belongs! another thing, I never saw muslim countries changing their habits and culture because Christians are living there!!!!
Evarist Saliba (34 minutes ago)
@ Stephen Farrugia

One should note that the person who brought the case to court is a native Italian with no known allegiance to any non-Christian religion. Most probably the same applies to the judges involved and to most commentators, including local ones, supporting their decision.

The rot lies within modern permissive society.
Dr Francis Saliba (43 minutes ago)
By no stretch of the imagination could a crucifix hanging on the wall of a classroom in a Christian country be considered as running “counter to the child’s right to freedom of religion.” It would appear that not only is the “law an ass” but the higher the court of law the more asinine are its brayings!
Anthony Mercieca (43 minutes ago)
The ruling does worry me, but my worries go further than any hurts to my religious belief and sentiment.
I query the wisdom do these European judges.
In all the logic of reason and events, I see the legal equation on the following basis. Someone with different beliefs moves to a country where the people’s faith is everywhere openly manifested both private and public since it is ingrained in its history and culture.Than somebody, a foreigner to this country, objects to such, on the basis of a fundament right to give a different education to his children.Such religious manifestation goes against his conviction.
Just to simplify, leaving aside the religious implications to this ruling: It is like that I decide to go close to the torch of an oil well because I have freedom of movement but insists that it is my responsibility to tell you that it is your responsibility that I do not get burned, knowing that the chance to get burnt would be evident!!!! Definitely a falacious judgement on the basis of elementary logic independent of all religious sentiments. I encourage our authorities to start lobbying for the replacement of these judges because they demonstrate evident incompetence.
Lorraine Vella (43 minutes ago)
if i go to a muslim school and there is someone wearing a burka, or there is a picture of Allah or Muhammed, or whatever it is that is against my traditions/likings, will these be removed?
J.Camilleri (47 minutes ago)
Eat your YES vote now ! This is just the beginning… abortion on it’s way, divorce on it’s way… wait and see.
George Portelli (50 minutes ago)
@M. Brincat and M. Attard

If crucifixes had to be removed from each classroom, I will be the first to go to school wearing a t-shirt with a crucifix on it as I am a teacher who believes in values. That way the crucifix will still be in every classroom I visit.
e frendo (53 minutes ago)
How about the Muslim countries accepting Catholic churches , and crucifixes in their classes now?? The west is trying to accomodate and bend backwards to make these people have it their own way everywhere ….how about these countries doing the same for western cultures? The European Courts of Human Rights SHOULD SEE that Human Rights are observed everywhere!! We should wake up before these cultures are taking over ………probably, they have already!
Alex Dalli (55 minutes ago)
Where are the Jesuits now? Any comments?
Clive Gerada (1 hour, 12 minutes ago)
Off with the Crucifix in Maltese schools as well! :), we have enough churches around to compensate!
Ramon Casha (1 hour, 39 minutes ago)
Although I am not upset by the sight of a crucifix or any other religious depiction, I don’t like the idea of a law requiring all schools to have one. The crucifix is a beautiful symbol to many, but to others it depicts a corpse nailed to an ancient torture instrument, dripping blood.
Joseph Sammut (1 hour, 44 minutes ago)
This is one of the negatives of the EU: imposing issues on member states, bringing down all boundaries, which in time, would make all the same – lifeless without a character. What makes a muslim, a cathlic, a british, an italian, a german, a dutch, maltese? Some time ago, the EU wanted the british to make away with the pint – why? what possible good reason is there to do away with a time old thing?

Can’t you see the magnitude of this issue: according to this decision, nations (because this does not affect Italy only) would have to change age old traditions just because one person complained. Isn’t this out of proportion in every way and angle? Should national issues be judged so lightly? What has the world come to?
t. borg (1 hour, 49 minutes ago)
mhux ta’ b’xejn hawn din il-mibgheda kollha! harsu x’qalu rigward dik il-persuna li qed jigi akkuzat bi stupru fuq in-neputija tieghu fin-1993 meta kien minuri! kwazi kollha qalu li ohtu wara dan is-snin kollha ma tahfirx lil huha ta’ zbal li ghamel snin ilu. ohrajn riedu li jmur ghomru l-habs u sahansitra kien hemm min qal li ghandu jigi maqtul. dan mhux ghax nehhejna lil Alla minn qalbna?
Joseph ellul – Sydney (2 hours, 9 minutes ago)
Hi, in Australia there are no religious symbols in public schools, no corporal punishment and no discipline. The students love it. They swear at the teachers, fight between themselves and can skip school whenever they want, because the parents cannot touch them. We have the highest rate of illiterate school leavers and also the highest rate of dole bludgers straight from school. Most of the trades people are now imported from overseas, ready to work. Europe is not different and withen a few years your students will start blowing up cash machines for the money and stealing small amounts of money with force from anywhere they can. There is no respect for anyone.
Michael Grech (2 hours, 52 minutes ago)
Well done to the European Court of Human Rights. As a Christian I would like to see Christ in people’s hearts and mind; not hanging on a wall and imposed upon my non-believing sisters and brothers by politicians, who are not normally the epitome of Christian living. With all the unchristian feelings and attitude of local Catholic at frenzy-pitch level (intolerance, self-centredness, racism, acceptance of injustice, hedonism, etc), it took this issue to wake up our dear bishop from his slumbers and make him remember that he has certain duties relating to public statements!

I just hope some local follows the example, and sue our bigoted and hypocritical state.
R Micallef (4 hours, 23 minutes ago)
This is a very complex issue. Maybe the court should have suggested the inclusion of other religious symbols. But Muslims have a problem with images, and atheists cannot be represented with a common symbol. Yet, a blank wall is also a biased ´solution´… it puts belief under the carpet as if it were not there. But it is there, and schools should be a context for healthy dialogue respecting each person´s identity, not silence and feigned indifference.

Let us however not make a big fuss on this. This is a sort of hype issue that tends to cover up the paganism of Italian ´realpolitik´. Furthermore, reducing the crucifix to a “cultural symbol” is almost blasphemous. Jesus is not just an fan-club sticker. That´s a brutally tortured man on that wall. And he is the Son of God. No wonder the Church strictly prohibited the symbolic representation of Christ (except using the symbol of the Paschal Lamb) until 692 (Quinisexte Council “in Trullo” – canons 73 and 82), and practically till Nicea II. And the ´naked´ and blood-drenched image we use today was not allowed till the late middle ages; before, only ´glorious´ and fully-clother crucifixes were allowed.
Joe Fenech (6 hours, 47 minutes ago)
Religion and education/work – not a good mix !

Archbishop – GET REAL!!!

Get those crucifixes off our school , university and office walls! The Middle Ages are over!
NATALIE BORG (7 hours, 1 minute ago)
Faith is a way of living not an academical subject. The Crucifix reminds us of our faith. Religion is a subject to be learned in the classroom. We need to remain updated with the Church’s teachings.
joseph Carmel Chetcuti (7 hours, 1 minute ago)
I have absolutely nothing against the Cross. Notwithstanding the fact that I am an agnostic, I have quite a few at my home as well as a large collection of religious statues. The problem is that Christians abuse their privileged status in society and continually seek to impose their views. They deliberately confuse the secular with the religious, the personal with the public. They not only flaunt their religion (as do many others) and I do not have a problem with this but they get upset when others “flaunt” their sexuality. Double standards! They continually seek to convert others but “woe to thee” if you are a homosexual and you seek to “convert” others to “your cause”. Cremona and his band of unhappy men have no right to insist on the Cross being in any public building. Those days are over. The minority, however small, that does not subscribe to their version of Christians morality and values has simply had enough.
Michael Asquith (7 hours, 27 minutes ago)
Muslims or any other religious bigots should not dictate what we do or don’t do. Get rid of these medieval, frankly scary to children, symbols of a make believe bygone age.
Norbert Bugeja (7 hours, 37 minutes ago)
Removing the Crucifix?????

No way….in a country which is populated by majority of Muslims no one tells them to remove things which have to do with the Muslim religion… why should a country which is mostly populated by Catholics remove it????

i agree with archbishop cremona the crucifix should retain it’s place in public places.
charles zammit (7 hours, 47 minutes ago)
if ever we should come to this situation archbishop cremona should chide those who voted yes in the eu referendum thats all there would be to it…..
henrybezzina (7 hours, 47 minutes ago)
Was Dom Mintoff right when he described europe of Abel and Europe of Cain.
Stephen Florian (7 hours, 56 minutes ago)
This is the beginning of EU Chaos. Europe is intrinsically Christian and predominantly Catholic and that is how it should stay. Our Christian values and symbols should be respected. What is the next EU bravado ? Perhaps Churches demolished, or churches turned into workshops, factories and museums like in the days of Soviet Russia. Look at Russia today, it has once more embraced its Maker. When shall we learn from other people’s mistakes…? Is this a taste of French Repubblicanism ? Or the Spanish aconfessionalism? This is pure madness or bad history repeating itself. The work of old nick.? It is time for Catholic Malta to seriously reconsider its role and roadmap in such a Godless EU. Quo vadis EU ? What is the hidden agenda ? Why has the beloved Crucifix become unbearable to some ? What is the standpoint of Maltese MEP’s on this ? What does Dr. Joanna Drake think about this ? It is time to stand up and be counted. Which values are we to embrace ?
J Muscat (7 hours, 59 minutes ago)
A crucifix in itself is not a guarantee of Christianity… but it’s the figure of Jesus Christ himself which equals AUTHENTIC LOVE…

But it seems that the New Europe doesn’t want to recognise this type of love…loving for your enemy and losing your life so that others may live…

It’s funny though, that IF IT WEREN’T FOR THIS TYPE OF LOVE, the people who are claiming that a crucifix is an offense to their religion, belief or non-belief, would have not been accepted to come in Europe in the first place!!!

Well done Europe…another good step towards your self-destruction, since that’s what you seem to be aiming at!
Steve Agius (8 hours, 2 minutes ago)
The crucifix is not only the symbol of our religion, but above all a symbol of the values that are at the base of our identity. Will they order Turkey to remove the crescent moon from all public buildings or the Muslims to remove their veils, if it “could disturb” Christians?
Frank Said (8 hours, 6 minutes ago)
We are Catholics living in a catholic country and in our schools we always had and we will continue to have the crucifix hanged on the walls. Any Muslim or whoever may be that feel offended with the crucifix should pack or make him pack and go back to his own country and there he/she may adore Mohamed or whoever he/she wants to. This is Malta, this is our country and foreigners have to either abide by our rules, by our customs, or otherwise they should go somewhere else. No European Court is going to impose on us such rulings.

I have to state that I made a big mistake when I voted in favour of membership because now I am beginning to realize that Europe has lost its roots, its Christian values and believes. I didn’t vote in favour of such a Europe.
Sandro Agius (8 hours, 21 minutes ago)
@M.Attard – dak tkellem ghalik…jekk kurcifiss idejqek….sinjal tajjeb….dak qieghed hemm minhabba fik ukoll

@Brincat – infakkru li l-ideali ta’ Gesu Kristu bnew l-Ewropa u ghalhekk is-salib mhuwiex biss sinjal ta religjon imma fuq kollox juri li l-fuq min kull intelligenza hemm is-sens komun…li Alla jezisti u jhobb lill-umanita…Alla hekk habb id-dinja li baghat lil Ibnu l-Wahdieni…

Din il-kummiedja turi li l-Ewropa qeghda tichad l-gheruq taghha…u min jichad l-ommu huwa destinat ghar-rovina…u l-moralita bhalissa mhix xi gran che.

Dwar li r-religjon “is a private matter” – m’ghandekx ragun – tant huwa publiku li huwa fil-kultura taghna, fit-tradizzjonijiet u l-folklor, l-Innu Nazzjonali, fil-festi li jgibu ammont sostanzjali ta turisti….issa taf x’jonqos – xi Winter Festival flok il-Milied jew Spring Festival flok il-Gimgha l-Kbira….halluna!!!
Robert Bezzina (8 hours, 26 minutes ago)
High IQ starts with respect towards people’s beliefs. The cross is a sign of Christ’s love towards us, of love, plain and simple. If one does not believe in God he should be unaffected by its presence. After all its just a symbol of love for a large religious community. And there is nothing wrong with love, even for an atheist, I must presume. So, what is all this fuss over crosses in schools? After all children are present in schools and they still need formation. So an atheist is strictly instructing his child to be an atheist? No, I believe these comments are from people with a grudge against the church for some reason or another or else their ego or self proclaimed intelligence is just looking down towards the catholic religion. Be it what it is its just one thing, a pity. It is obvious that being led by men, the church is not perfect and never will be. As many other things in life. Avoid looking for perfection and the details, look for the principles. The cross is one of them
Ryan Bugeja (8 hours, 32 minutes ago)
Such rulings surprise me for one reason: Europe is always first to promote tolerance and living in diversity… and then it removes any symbol related to this diversity. Europe promotes inter-religious dialogue, but then removes any symbol that can lead to the dialogue. I just ask, why can’t the ruling be to include the different symbols of the different religions rather than removing all? Is it so difficult?
@M. Attard: Spirituality, and the way one lives is private true… but religion in itself is qutie meant to be ‘public’… people pray together in whatever religion… if you go to a mosque, church, or buddhist temple, you find people praying in groups…
Richard galea. (8 hours, 38 minutes ago)
Thank God…..We are having some sense from Europe at last!

Charles Grixti (8 hours, 38 minutes ago)
Ordinarily, I would be all for it. As an Agnostic, I am in favour of a Secular State.

However, it is plainly obvious that was not done at the behest of the Secular State, the Protestants or the Jews, nor the Atheists or Agnostics, otherwise it would have been done decades ago.

This has become an issue now simply because the West is all out to appease the Islamic faith, the members of which are now strong enough in Europe to start making demands, and to erase our Judeo-Christian heritage that is the foundation of our European Civilization.

Therefore, on this basis alone, I am for the crucifixes to stay. And I call on all sane people who value life and liberty to do the same.

J.Spiteri (8 hours, 39 minutes ago)
Archbishop Cremona said that should this situation arise in Malta one day …….
It’s not a matter of ‘ if ‘ but rather ‘ when ‘. It’s really sad that the reward for accepting immigrants, most of which entered Europe illegally, is that citizens of the host country have to change their rooted traditions so as not to ‘ offend’ their uninvited guests. A ‘not so bright’ future is approaching ! This is only the beginning.
J.Spiteri (8 hours, 40 minutes ago)
Archbishop Cremona said that should this situation arise in Malta one day …….
It’s not a matter of ‘ if ‘ but rather ‘ when ‘. It’s really sad that the reward for accepting immigrants, most of which entered Europe illegally, is that citizens of the host country have to change their rooted traditions so as not to ‘ offend’ their uninvited guests. A ‘not so bright’ future is approaching ! This is only the beginning.
P.Ciantar (8 hours, 40 minutes ago)
Unbelievable!!!!!!!! This is the EU mediocracy…
malcolm seychell (8 hours, 41 minutes ago)
It is the price for diversity. Enjoy
Peter Bonnici (8 hours, 41 minutes ago)
@ M Attard. You ought to visit some countries in the middle east and preach your teachings there, though I doubt if you’d make it back with your head still attached to your body.

@ M Brincat. Sadly I can understand your reasoning in a way. After all it does take an idiot to give up ones life for the love of others. Especially when its not appreciated.
Michael Caruana (8 hours, 47 minutes ago)
The crucifix is a symbol of tolerance, meekness and salvation. Can the European Court impose its decision on country of some 60 million citizens because of the aaction of one person? What are referenda for may I ask!!
Kevin Camilleri (8 hours, 52 minutes ago)
So you come in MY country, WITHOUT being welcomed, given MONEY from taxpayer’s taxes, given education and all the dignity rights that you did not have in your country, and then you want and protest to remove the cross from the classrooms and public places? NO WAY!! No one asked you to come here, you are free to go back if you do not like our culture and tradition.

NO ONE is force to beleive or practice, but this does not remove the RIGHT for christians to have a cruxifix in public places in THEIR country. If in Malta this should happen, it will be mayhem. The Crucifix has to have a place in our classrooms.
Joseph Grech (8 hours, 52 minutes ago)
“The presence of the crucifix … could be encouraging for religious pupils, but also disturbing for pupils who practised other religions or were atheists, particularly if they belonged to religious minorities,” – Well, I guess if that’s the case, then crucifixes on top of (and inside!!) churches are just as disturbing. Do we bring them down?

Why does Jesus bother some people?
mike pace (8 hours, 57 minutes ago)
Please Mr Government don;t given in to any different religions to make a stand and keep our right that we are Catholics and keep the Crucifix were its stands in our schools , in public places etc and if these mix religions complains they can pick up their belongs and go to their country of origin and leave us run our internal home affairs by ourselves as they do the same when they are in theirs.
A true Maltese Catholic he or she of any political stands must support the Maltese bishops with their rights to defends this crusade
Galea. L (8 hours, 57 minutes ago)
It’s a great shame. They want to change our way of life. If the government has and decency and guts it will defy them and tell them to go to hell. Those who don’t like what we do they are free to go elsewhere.
It’s about time countries leave the Council of Europe because they are interfering in our way of life. Let them rule themselves not rule over us.
Ivan Scicluna (8 hours, 57 minutes ago)
Nobody has a right to impose on, or try to influence the public in favour of any religion. I agree with the decision in Italy.
p.grima (9 hours, 4 minutes ago)
With so many opinions, advertisments, sex, violence, etc, being pumped daily on all media, why should a crucifix be so offensive?

If I don’t like a program on any media I simply switch off or change channels; likewise whoever is offended by the crucifix can simply ignore it or look the other way.

This is yet another attack on Christianity and all that is Christian.
JBrownie (9 hours, 10 minutes ago)
This is a new low as far as the Italian Court has managed to dip. Europe is built on Christian values and Christianity defines its very identity – it is a most absurd decision of these Courts ,which should forcibly be resisted across all Europe not by Italians only . No wonder that sound morality and the social fabric of entire societies across Europe are crumpling like sugar pastries.
Andre Rizzo (9 hours, 16 minutes ago)
This is a big victory for human rights protection and secularism and a big blow to indoctrination and christian dogma forced down children´s throats. Well done to the ECHR for such a forward-thinking judgment. Of course people like Buttiglione, Frattini and Berlusconi will slam the judgment but we all know where these guys are coming from.
Andrew Paris (9 hours, 18 minutes ago)
Shocking decision which takes no account of the traditions and values of Christian Europe. God forbid that this should ever be contemplated in Malta
Alex Borg (9 hours, 19 minutes ago)
Agree totally. Religion is a private matter. Catholics should not feel offended if crucifixes are not affixed to classrooms or public offices.
MBorg (9 hours, 21 minutes ago)
@ M Attard & M.Brincat

No that is not how it should be, and no it is not a good decision. Religion has a place in our classrooms. Malta is a catholic country and nobody should have the right to make us remove the Crucifix from classrooms and public places.

Archbishop Cremona is right if the situation should ever arise in Malta all Maltese Christians should insist that the crucifix retains its place in public places.

The European Court of Human Rights should not have the power to play about with our faith.
Anthony Bezzina (9 hours, 24 minutes ago)
@M. Brincat
I wonder how you seem to have arrived to the conclusion that the removal of the Crucifix from a class room could encourage high IQ attitudes? As if the Catholics are less intelligent than the non-Catholics! Go and tell it to the marines.
@M Attard
Religion is a way of living and hence it is not that private…….. Even with the Catholic Religion embedded in our Constitution, the Crucifixes should remain in our classrooms.
Paul Barrett (9 hours, 29 minutes ago)
Really why do people get so very uptight about these things – is it really so very important one way or the other. I would have thought that the emphasis should be on the lesson, not the decoration of the classroom.
May your God be with you.
Tania Walters (9 hours, 30 minutes ago)
If the majority of the people are catholics, then the minority should respect that. Otherwise it will be another form of dictatorship. A free democratic country means respect for everyone regardless not adjusting one’s principles and beliefs to please the other. If I migrate to a muslim or hindi country I should not expect or impose on them to remove their icons and replace them with a crucifix. If the new migrants don’t like it, they can always go back where they came from.
Adrian Borg (9 hours, 39 minutes ago)
Whether you belive or not in Christianity, as Maltese we should stick to having crufixes in classrooms and public places. This is a symbol, part of our culture.

Are we going to let people from other countries invade us and impose on us what we can show and what we cannot in our country? NEVER!

If we ban crucifixes, then we should ban that silly dress the Muslim women cover themselves all over with!
C A Camilleri (9 hours, 40 minutes ago)
Personally its not a matter of the crucifix or not. It is a matter of a minority imposing over a majority. Just look at the Politically correct English. They have become strangers in their own country. Sad. You want to call me a racist, go ahead then I am one and proud.
M Agius (9 hours, 42 minutes ago)
‘The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.’ – Karl Marx
Alex Ellul (9 hours, 47 minutes ago)
What the despotic Communist regimes managed to carry out by brute force in Russia, Poland, Albania, Romania, China, etc, is being perpetrated now by the atheists that have managed to make it to the top echelons of power in the ‘new’ Europe and the UN. One day even our street names dedicated to Christian saints will have to be renamed for political-correctness sake. Most probably even the crosses on the church spires will have to be removed and maybe we Christians will be tagged with special ID’s, our children attending ‘special’ educational classes, we will be taxed even, for burning candles and thus contributring to global warming…..However the communist regimes finally fell like a pack of cards, the reason being that their power was top-down. Real Democracies get their power are bottom-up. Now let’s see who the real Christian politicians in Malta are? Adenhauer, De Gaule and De Gasperi, the Christian founding fathers of the European union must be turning in their graves.
Tessie Orsini (9 hours, 48 minutes ago)
Christianity is our culture. The crucifix is the sign of our culture and should be displayed in all public places.
Andy Towler (9 hours, 58 minutes ago)
A further, welcome, nail in the coffin of fascism.
Eleonora Bonnici (10 hours, 4 minutes ago)
Good judgement!!! If all the crucifiexes in public places and all the madonnas at mater dei are not removed by 31-12-2009 I will personally go to the same court to get them removed.
Marisa Bugeja (10 hours, 6 minutes ago)
Right; if we are obliged to take the crucifix off the wall, each student can take one to school with him/her and put it on his desk-that way there won’t be one crucifix per class but thirty! No one can stop an individual from professing his faith.
D Buttigieg (10 hours, 6 minutes ago)
Wrong decision for two main reasons: (i) you don’t achieve freedom of worship by banning religious symbols and (ii) this will ultimately lead to further intolerance as minorities will be blamed for the removal of the Crucifix – From now one those who didn’t ever bother about religion will use religion to their own ends.
J. Sammut (10 hours, 10 minutes ago)
I wonder how one can improve one’s IQ just by removing Crucifixes from schools. How does a Crucifix hinder one’s IQ. Are we CHRISTIANS or what?
Archbishop Paul Cremona’s comment deserves praise.

Sylvia Zammit (10 hours, 11 minutes ago)
M.Brincat – and M.Attard have a right to their opinion, but so do the rest of us! If it does not mean anything to you – it should not bother you.if it does signify the crucified Christ to you, then shame on you both for rejecting it. Personally, I object to the fact that the Italians see it as ‘just part of their culture’ – ie, on a par with bullfighting in Spain etc etc.
Andrew Paris (10 hours, 12 minutes ago)
Pork products will be banned next by Europe because it is offensive to some.
I renember in history of people who try to change society because they thought it was right without letting the people choose. It resulted in 2 World Wars and the destruction of Europe.
K. Pullicino (10 hours, 13 minutes ago)
I’m going to use an argument, liberals are so much in love with: “If you don’t like it, don’t look at it.”

@M.Brincat: “Good decision when considering schools need to encourage high iQ attitudes.” Obviously, our University has students with a high IQ level, otherwise they wouldn’t be discussing condoms and how it’s acceptable to publish obscenities.
c.caruana (10 hours, 17 minutes ago)
Crucifixs are there only to give more power to the church because with every symbol, the chruch is having a social space. you can see religious symbols everywhere, maybe it’s time for change.
Ivan Attard (10 hours, 18 minutes ago)
The insatiable, all-devouring appetite for Multiculturalism is taking it’s toll all over Europe. When the last symbols of its cultural and religious heritage are obliterated, Europe will be ripe for the Muslim takeover. It will then be the turn of the church buildings and stone crucifixes scattered all over the continent which once stood sentinel over its inhabitants.
…and all this with the blessing of some pathetically naive and misguided citizens of this once proud continent called Europe! The wolf is no longer howling at the door – it is within.
Long live diversity! O what beauty lies in Multiculturalism!
Eric Gahn (10 hours, 18 minutes ago)
It is high time religion be given its rightful standing in society. I am not going to speak for muslims, jews, buddhists or any other religion. I speak for those who like me simply do not beleive in any religion.

Malta (yes this little island) is no longer the blind catholic country it was. People have learned to read, and think. Society should wake up to the fact that if one believes that their sin will put them in hell, others simply believe otherwise, or nothing at all. Why should everyone suffer their so called piety. Nothing religuously significant should be allowed in public places not just crosses.

I also raise a point on religous education itself. Schools should be teaching ‘Religions of the World’ (seeing how many people seem to want to believe in magic) or simple ‘Ethics’ and not just bang the one brainwashing drum of Roman Catholic Dogma where 1+1 = 3.

(please note I am not attacking Roman Catholicism but all religions).
Jesmond Micallef (10 hours, 29 minutes ago)
How can a culture exist without a faith ?
Henry S Pace (10 hours, 33 minutes ago)
What do you expect from a godless Europe. Look at the Libon Treaty no reference to God.
Europe was built on christianity now whoever proclaims God is being subdued and admonished. Europe has no values whatsoever.
Roderick Bajada (10 hours, 33 minutes ago)
If this happens in Malta, all the Curia could do is say “mea culpa, mea culpa”………
VICTOR VELLA (10 hours, 36 minutes ago)
When Mintoff wanted full integration with England the church in Malta left no stone unturned because then Archbishop Gonzi feared that the Maltese will turn to Anglican religion and the Maltese lose their faith. When the nationalist government integrated Malta with the European Union the church in Malta stayed numb and now we have to adhere what the Europeans do. Today we have to remove the cross from every public building, tomorrow we have to accept abortion and only God knows what is in store. The Cross is the symbol of our faith. In 323 after Christ St Elena, the patron saint of Birkirkara ,at age 80 travelled to the Holy land to bring to the world the true wooden cross of Christ that saved the world from mortal sin. Now, in 2009 the Europeans want to dump the cross back to the grave.
Charmaine Galea (10 hours, 47 minutes ago)
What should be taught in classrooms is basic morality which is common to all religions – let’s leave out man-invented dogma.

Kids should be taught only what helps them in their moral and spiritual development. It’s the right of our children once of age, to feel which religion they ought to follow.

We have to quit our blinkered reasoning that “us catholics” are always right.

“A man arrives at the gates of heaven.
St. Peter asks, “Religion?”
The man says, “Muslim.”
St. Peter looks down his list, and says, “Go to room 24.
But be very quiet as you pass room 8.”

Another man arrives at the gates of heaven.
St. Peter: “Religion”?
Man: “Buddhist.”
St. Peter: “Go to room 18. But be very quiet as you pass
room 8.”

A third man arrives at the gates.
St. Peter: “Religion?”
Man: “Jewish.”
St. Peter: “Go to room 11. But be very quiet as you pass
room 8.”

The man asks, “I can understand there being different rooms
for different religions, but why must I be quiet when I pass
room 8?”

St. Peter tells him, “Well, the Catholics are in room 8,
and they think they’re the only ones here.”
Emile Cassar (10 hours, 50 minutes ago)
I think the Monsinjur is wrong to consider it his duty to insist that we keep the cross in public places. Religion is a private matter… Jesus was the first to emphasize this.
Emile Cassar (10 hours, 51 minutes ago)
I agree in principle, but in practice I’m not so sure it’s a necessary measure. I think it is insensitive of a non-Italian to raise the issue. Ideally an Italian atheist raised it.
Dr Sandro Vella (10 hours, 53 minutes ago)
I am sure many will agree that the Catholic faith embraces the values cherished by the majority of Maltese citizens. Beyond its theological teachings, Christianity has moulded Europe and its values of democracy, freedom, justice and ethical bahaviour. We cannot afford to negate our origins and values, unless we want to risk a downward spiral towards anarchy. The Maltese Government is duty bound to resist any such maneuvre.

Sean Mangion (10 hours, 58 minutes ago)
Christ is alive, His word is alive, and the duty of every Christian is to spread His message so that everyone shall have life.

Yes the Crucifix should remain in all public places in Malta and throughout the world !!

Our children should be raised in Gods love and in a Christian ambience. The Crucifix is an important symbol of how much Jesus has suffered for us so that we would be free, happy, saved and content in the union with God.
W Spencer (11 hours, 2 minutes ago)
@ M Brincat & M Attard

You miss the whole point !!! Crucifixes this time, what next ??? The ECHR decides what YOU will do or not do, you will have no say !!
Amanda Ellul (11 hours, 3 minutes ago)

What’s next? Maltese women wearing the burqa, for otherwise it may offend some illegal? It’d be up in arms, fighting tooth and nail should anyone dare to force a similar thing down the throats of the ordinary Maltese.
Robert mifsud (11 hours, 9 minutes ago)
prosit Archbishop,wake us up before its too late,lets not pave the way for the king of darkness and evil.Sewwa jieghdu id dinja sejra lura.Is it the begining of the end ? These are not good signs at all guys !
Dennis Zammit (11 hours, 10 minutes ago)
If atheists like Brincat and Attard who wrote before me feel that the Holy Crucifix is a threat to them, then they should run a Referendum in Malta and dream of winning it.

The Maltese in a vast majority are Roman Catholics and we will defend our right over those who want to impose theirs. The Crucifix must STAY and local churches and parishes should start a tradition of creating major crosses around the island just like the one in Kordin.

The say of the majority is the rule.
ALBERT FENECH (11 hours, 13 minutes ago)
Well said Archbishop Cremona. If there were any attempt to inflict this insult and injustice on Malta, it should be resisted in every way possible. This is a Christian, Roman Catholic country with centuries of tradition and no upstart Brussels bureaucrats are going to change that. If anybody is offended then it’s their tough luck. We should never be afraid to show our sentiments and must continue to show our love for the Christian faith by manifesting and showing our traditions.
david vella (11 hours, 13 minutes ago)
Let’s not make these decisions effect us and keep our own beliefs as Christ the King our saviour!! It clearly shows the EU as the antichrist! Guilty of apostacy even those who support such decisions! Human rights? Where? by allowing abortions or euthanasia to go ahead? They don’t know what they’re doing? But anyhow, he’s forgiven them too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FORZA ITALIA fight for your religion & tradition – an ENGLAND fan!!!
D.Zammit (11 hours, 18 minutes ago)
indeed it’s very sad.I don’t care how many immigrants come to my country ,or members of other religions, but one must understand that this is My Home country, and all other foreigners must except my believes since i respect them. I hope the Parliament for once be united in this issue.
Frans Sammut (11 hours, 19 minutes ago)
May I register my full support for the stand taken by Archbishop Cremona? Why the Crucifix offend students in any classroom is simply beyond me.
M.BEZZINA (11 hours, 19 minutes ago)
Qiskom tisthu turu li intom insara!Mur f xi post musulman u tara tridx taddatta ghalijom!!
Anthony Henwood (11 hours, 23 minutes ago)
So i must assume that we have degraded society to the extent that we can now make a mockery of our justice system that will not require anybody to take an oath for testifying in court, and that our politicians will be relieved for not having to take an oath to serve our Country, as it would offend some in our society.
Matthew 10:33 “But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven
John Borg (11 hours, 25 minutes ago)
The crucifix is the ONLY cetainty !
The ONLY One 100% reliable and will NEVER let you down!
very very high IQ indeed!!!!!!

Miguel Micallef (11 hours, 26 minutes ago)
Finally. Some good sense and logic being forced upon these hypocrites. This is the good of being in the EU.

I hope the appeal gets rejected. Crucifixes can remain in churches, where they belong.
Josette Camilleri (11 hours, 38 minutes ago)
I encourage acceptance of other religions but I wouldn’t betray my relgion. Will Muslims refrain from praying in public when not in Muslim countries? Will they stop wearing veils when not in Muslim countries? Jesus’ place is everywhere not just the classrooms and yet we barter him so as not to ‘disturb’ other religions.
Joseph Seisun (11 hours, 39 minutes ago)
Welcome to the EU. Welcome to political correctness, the new EU religion. These are just the first symptoms. What’s next? No prayers at school?
I agree with the Archbishop’s opinion. I just hope that if we Maltese are truly Chrsitians, we shall not accept this.
fredmallia (11 hours, 41 minutes ago)
Dr Sant was right. the gonzipn must say something on this. but we know that we have a ‘yes’ gonzipngovernment.
Charles Zammit (11 hours, 41 minutes ago)
@ M. Attard
However private religion is Catholicism is what gave this people and many others a true way of life based on correct moral behaviour. There is nothing wrong in manifesting a people’s beliefs. Democracy is about respecting the majority’s views and desires too.

@ M. Brincat

I don’t know where you got these assertions from. To me it is exactly the opposite. I feel more comfortable with the crucifix nearby. It gives me true reassurance. I am more than 100% sure that many others feel the same.

Jason Borg (11 hours, 42 minutes ago)
Religion is has place everywhere for us Christians, because it is a way of life.
E.Muscat (11 hours, 43 minutes ago)
@Brincat and Attard:what does IQ have to do with one’s beliefs and religion is not only a private matter when we christians are being systematically told to submit to other religions and to deny our judeo-christian roots:europe is a lost soul ready and willing to be taken over by heathens and atheists who will sacrifice our heritage in the name of correctness to other religions who are hell bent to take away our freedom:wake up and use your head!
J S Borg (11 hours, 45 minutes ago)
Just wait another twenty years, and you all will forget about freedom of worship and freedom of expression, when you will be dominated by a better religion other than Christianity. then you won’t have time to argue and discus religious freedom.
Mario Cucciardi (11 hours, 46 minutes ago)
Jesus poured all 3.5 litres of his blood; He had three nails hammered into his members; a crown of thorns on his head and, beyond that, a Roman soldier who stabbed a spear into his chest. Not just a simple crucifix we have on walls, but a reality which is trying to be made forgotten and denied.

No doubt that Jesus suffered and died for this particular decision as well.
Albert Farrugia (11 hours, 53 minutes ago)
Funny isnt it? What is it that makes the depiction of a man dead on a cross such a powerful symbol, of which so many are so afraid? Who knows. Maybe the time will come when people will actually have to die for the right to be able to kneel in front of it.
Darren Buttigieg (11 hours, 53 minutes ago)
About time this happened in Malta and Gozo.
Charles Sammut (11 hours, 53 minutes ago)
Catholics cannot have their cake and eat it too. They are invariably the most vociferous where ‘tolerance’ towards other cultures, creeds and races is concerned. It would be highly hypocritical should they insist on imposing their creed on others.

This is a most welcome decision by the ECHR and the Maltese government should keep up its tradition of being more European than the EU and remove all crucifixes forthwith from all public places, schools, law courts, government departments, hospital etc.

The Maltese constitution will also have to be changed because it is biased in favour of Roman Catholicism and this clearly violates the human rights of the tens of thousands of immigrants who have been welcomed to Malta over the past few years.
Norman Stivala (11 hours, 54 minutes ago)
I suppose M.Attard and M.Brincat will soon advocate that we should remove all traces of our God from our country. Let us not stop at class rooms. Shall we remove all the effigies that remind us that there actually is a God. Sometimes I cannot believe where this country is going. Do the 2 M’s also think we should remove churches, I am sure by doing so it will increase the IQ of a lot of people. I thank you for your input M&M but I think the rest of us have rights too and although at my age I only go to evening classes I will not tolerate the removal of the cross, if someone does not like it all he needs do is not look at it. Praised be the name of God forever
M. White (11 hours, 54 minutes ago)
Italy is one of the most important countries with deep Christian values. Why should it remove the sign of its religion because of some others who are different????
It is the foreigners should change or at least tolerate the country’s religion instead of trying to change the country’s culture!!

So ok if we remove the crosses, muslims should remove their veils because it irritates some Christians. So is this fair? Where’s the true tolerance?

Muslims have made a promise to overcome Christianity and their plan is coming to action.
L Aquilina (11 hours, 56 minutes ago)
What next, close the vatican?? Bloggers who wrote defending this decision must have one huge chip on their shoulder.
Michael Borg (11 hours, 57 minutes ago)
Welcome to malta boat people yes you can decide and rule our country as well what wrong with that !
E. Inglott (11 hours, 59 minutes ago)
Public schools should not decorate their classrooms with expressions of any religion. Not everyone has the same beliefs and public schools should be neutral in that respect.

Where a school is a (private) church school, or a private school organized by Jewish/Buddhist/Muslim institutions for that matter, then expressions of their respective religions should be allowed; parents would send their children to these schools precisely because of the role that that particular religion plays in its educational program. But, once again, I think that state schools should be religion-neutral.
S Aquilina (12 hours ago)
Il-kurcifiss gie l-ewwel. Min ma joghgbux jitlaq.
A.Cassar (12 hours, 1 minute ago)
Next it will be our processions that have to go as by walking the streets of the general public of the European Union , even if you are here illegally , with a ” Catholic ” statue might seriously insult the belief and freedom of movement of others !!!
I Abela (12 hours, 1 minute ago)
This is unbelievable. What is disturbing is the fact that an immigrant has won a court case against a sovereign nation which is hosting her, in which this single immigrant complained against a crucifix, which has been hanging there for ages, to which the Italian people never complained (anzi they consider it part of their lifestyle). So there goes hundreds of years of christianity, simply because a muslim forced her way into the country and is now trying to impose her lifestyle onto those citizens (citing as usually, their human rights). Why don’t these people just stay in their countries, live their lifestyle there, and fight for their human rights there ??
Tony Abela (12 hours, 3 minutes ago)
We were made to beleive that when we join EU we will show and help Europe to keep the Christian values.

It appears to me that Europe will be enforcing its materialistic values upon us instead.
J Bajada (12 hours, 5 minutes ago)
This is another proof that Islam is on the rise and it will soon be the main religion across the world, having the power to rule on everyone and everything. Christian traditions will simply evaporate.
John Michael Mizzi (12 hours, 7 minutes ago)
The church has every right to put her symbols in her buildings and schools.
The church or other religions have NO right to impose their symbols in secular state buildings or schools and that includes Malta. If the church imposes its symbols on the government than it is making a gross mistake because it shows that it is still stuck in its old ways. The church has to start showing some respect to the general public that use state buildings and schools irrespective of their beliefs.

Any Progressive State is secular and cannot impose any religious symbols of any religion on its citizens. If we argue about tradition and culture than that is purely puerile. In the past it was the church’s tradition to pass heretics to the inquisition of which some were burnt in the most horrendous ways. Obviously in this case it could not continue with this tradition.
A.Cassar (12 hours, 9 minutes ago)
There we go a Catholic Country by history and home of the Vatican . Yet you are in your country and instead of outsiders respecting your cultures and traditions , they start first by removing your traditions and beliefs , next they will make you respect theirs as they will call themselves an ethnic minority . Malta is not far away from this , realise that if there is a court ruling in place it is to be effective in all EU countries . Go on fall out with your own about being gay , lesbian and transgender . These are your own blood . The others enjoy these issues as whilst we waste time on these issues they are taking over . And were is the church in this matter ? Is this the same church that encouraged people to vote for the EU entry ? Now the Archbishop wants us to fight on his behalf ? Well the battle is over as the ruling is out and we have to abide to it ? Hooray for the multicultural followers !!
A Pulis (12 hours, 10 minutes ago)
Indeed the place of religion is everywhere, even in our classrooms! If we strongly believe in Jesus we should promote his word and deeds everywhere. Sincerely I do hope this island is not influenced by this poor person’s attitude. Europe should be ashamed for betraying Jesus Christ – first it betrayed the catholic values and now it is betraying our master.
Vincent Galea (12 hours, 10 minutes ago)
My God, I am ashamed to lift my God, my face unto you.
Michael Vella (12 hours, 10 minutes ago)
Personally i am absolutely disusted by this ruling. I am not a practicing Catholic but i strongly believe that each country has the RIGHT to decide for itself which religion is the state religion. The fact the the European Court has decided this for Italy just goes to show that Europe has absolutely no regard for the individual cultural identity of it’s member states. Why should a whole country have to change it’s beliefs and culture to accomodate foreigners with a different religious view, whether it be Muslim, Hindu or anything other religion for that matter.


I would love to go to Saudi Arabia or Iran and demand that Sharia Law be outlawed in favour of a more liberal code of laws. I would probably be executed for my troubles.But not in Europe, we strive to destroy our cultural heritage to accomodate beliefs of anyone non-european. Put simply the EU has today shown that it is a complete joke!
D Spiteri (12 hours, 12 minutes ago)
Europe should be ashamed by this ruling.

Will Europe order Turkey to take off of the half moon from their Flag before joining the European union?
Mark Wattson (12 hours, 14 minutes ago)
Totally agree with M.Attard religion is indeed a private matter and should not have place in schools. It is bad enough it brings wars through out the world, there is no need to teach our children hatred from the early days.

Reuben Gauci (12 hours, 17 minutes ago)
The crucifix is a symbol of our culture. We have a right to a SECULAR life, and a right to our CULTURE!!!
mary camilleri (12 hours, 21 minutes ago)
today’s reading from Romans 12: 10 – 16 says it all:

Let love be sincere;
hate what is evil,
hold on to what is good;
love one another with mutual affection;
anticipate one another in showing honor.
Do not grow slack in zeal,
be fervent in spirit,
serve the Lord.
Rejoice in hope,
endure in affliction,
persevere in prayer.
Contribute to the needs of the holy ones,
exercise hospitality.
Bless those who persecute you,
bless and do not curse them.
Rejoice with those who rejoice,
weep with those who weep.
Have the same regard for one another;
do not be haughty but associate with the lowly.

Sara Baldacchino (12 hours, 22 minutes ago)
@M Attard
If its a private matter why is it that we teach religion in our schools??
Erin Ciantar (12 hours, 23 minutes ago)
I would like to make something clear before the usual backlash against immigrants and muslims and different religions starts.

I am maltese, pure maltese with no history of immigration for many generations that I know of. I also am not a catholic or a christian. Do I and my children not have a right to be given a secular education? This has nothing to do with accepting the traditions of a country as this is MY country and should have the right not to be bombarded with religious images everywhere I go. The only schools which should be allowed to show the cross are the church schools. Government schools should be for everyone.

Well done to the european court. This a victory to human rights, dignity, respect and true freedom. I look forward to this decision being imposed in Malta too.
Sara Baldacchino (12 hours, 29 minutes ago)
Those who come among us must understand and accept our rules and that’s it. Shame to them for wanting to remove the crucifix, what else would they want us to do, go else where so they could rule the whole Europe jew? Go back from where you came from.
R. Gauci (12 hours, 29 minutes ago)
@ M Attard & M Brincat

I’m not a religious person, anzi, but with your attitude in a couple of decades we could easily end up with the koran as a compulsory school textbook. If you want to keep living in a civilised country, unlike many Muslim ones, “our” religion is the first barrier, once this barrier is broken Muslim brainwashers will have fertile ground to accomplish their mission, that is take the World, they couldn’t accomplish it by force so now they’re using other ways.

Then in Italy out of all places! VERGOGNA!!!!

L. Cutajar (12 hours, 30 minutes ago)
A very sad world. Why don’t we all change our religion to that of Islam as from tomorrow. It seems that Muslims have more rights than catholics.
alex grech (12 hours, 30 minutes ago)
I am not a religious person but this is absurd removing the crucifix because of muslims, first they enter illegaly, then settle in reap our beniftis, housing , jobs education and now remove the crucifix as it could disturb children who were not Christians wow i wonder if this can hapen in their country (which i do not agree also) will we be next …………
Rocco Cauchi (12 hours, 32 minutes ago)
Pity such a decision is being interpreted so misunderstandingly by several politicians going against it. They only want to safeguard the presence of the crucifix for historical, cultural and sentimental reasons, little understanding its value and glory when assuming its defence. It would now be up to the Bishops’ Conference in Italy, as it should well be to the local Bishops’ Conference, to explain the real significance of the Crucifix, the same way it used to be expounded in the old days when trendy homilies or Sunday church dialogues were inexistent and priests used to seize the opportunity at any time to preach Christ, and Christ crucified, an ignominy for Jews and a folly for Greeks, in St Paul’s words.
It is senseless claiming that the Crucifix hurts non-Christians. The Cross is a sign of acceptance of God’s will and story given out of His love for each individual, something local baptized Christians rarely understand given the elementary religion (not faith) they have been taught in their doctrine classes.
This is where the Church in Malta and Italy should now step in, with vehement catechesis on the real significance of the Cross and man’s adherence to doing God’s will.
Sergio Galea Vincenti (12 hours, 32 minutes ago)
There is only one word to describe this judgement: Disgusting.

It’s become so cool to denigrate our common heritage and our Faith…. In the meantime, we are losing our moral compass… Wonder why?
M.Gauci (12 hours, 33 minutes ago)
This ruling in my opinion is dangerous and could spark ethnic divisions. One has to be careful, we cannot go to Israel and ask them not to display their religious items in public places because we are Christian.
We cannot in future complain that Churches should not display any icon on their facade because a person with a different religion use the road and has a right to without feeling that the cross on the church affects him. Do you realise that this is absurd and that in future we’ll have to dismantle churches not to offend. Offend what/whom/how?

Do I get offended when I pass corradion hill and see the Mosque. No. Its a symbol of devotion for 1000s of Muslims, who are adoring God. Its a symbol of peace and humanity. Does a Budhist temple affect me? NO for the same reasons.
What really affects me is having pictures of the President / Prime minister in government departments (and I am PN inclined!).

The Cross in school signifies peace and love and also culture, however not subversion to Catholic religion.

Robert Sultana (12 hours, 33 minutes ago)
I remember back in 2003 those MIC clips on national TV ; one of them was precisely about class crucifixes and if here in Malta we would be allowed to keep them. The answer was always very reassuring; namely that we would decide for ourselves and that the EU would have no say in it. Seems the birds have come home to roost !!!
Joseph Micallef (12 hours, 34 minutes ago)
With the logic of the same court ruling Italy should dismantle most of its historic monuments, churches and statues from streets, piazzas, museums etc. as most have religious connotations! Italy without Catholicism hardly exists – even if most people are non practicing Catholics, Catholicism is part of Italy as a culture more than as a religion! The court ruling is simply ridiculous!
Sander Depasquale (12 hours, 37 minutes ago)
UH OH!!!!

Malta must remove the crucifix from our schools too!!!! Dear Maltese throw away your culture and your beliefs…..Its incredible!!!! What happened in Italy must happen here.

Yes allow the other religions to take over, we will be much better off……


Johann Mifsud (12 hours, 40 minutes ago)
Id-dinja spiccat, din kien jonqos. Mhux hekk jigu gewwa pajjizi u jnehhu r-religjon li ilhu jhaddan dan il-pajjiz ghal hafna snin, umbaghad issib xi laqgha bhal t’hawn taht u jighdulek li sew jaghmlu.

misskom tisthu tighdu li inthom maltin
E.Galea (12 hours, 43 minutes ago)
I don’t agree at all. If i go to a muslim country they will not accomodate things for me!!! Everyone must accept other countries traditions.
Maria Zammit (12 hours, 43 minutes ago)
Bad decision. I vote in favour of removing all advertisements from public places!!!

Of course one cannot do that because there’s money involved!!! We really are cheap!

Why is it that we are expected to change just because persons from other countries decide to settle in our country? Does the same apply to the countries from where immigrants are coming? Do we dictate to them what they should do in their own country!!! Mhux hekk tghid!
T Mifsud (12 hours, 44 minutes ago)
This is very sad news.

Although Mr M Brincat and M Attard have their own opinion, we are not here to erase centuries of history and culture that has formed us to what we are today. Should this generation erase that?

Should this mean that the Muslims have to do the same in their country, starting from the broadcasted prayers at 4am to the whole village or city and the TV program interruptions with the Koran reading? Should we accept that the Muslims are pushing away embedded European Christian values, by the day? Should we remove “in God we trust” just because there are other religions who do not believe in God? And now removing crosses from schools in Roman Catholic Italy, the epicenter of the Church?

The way forward is what France is doing. banning the Burkas and Abayas, forcing immigrants to learn French and even sing the French national Anthem.

Let not Malta arrive to that situation. It’s not even debatable!
Franco Farrugia (12 hours, 44 minutes ago)
I disagree with both Mr Brincat and Mr Attard. I, as an educator, would NEVER teach in a class where there is no crucifix. Religion is not a private matter: it is also a community thing – a matter shared by many. It also happens to form part of our origin.
I, honestly, find it .. let’s say, strange, that we have people who find it insulting to be faced with a crucifix.
This rulng is an eye-opener.
malcolm seychell (12 hours, 46 minutes ago)
Hehe sign the lisbon treaty so we have more human rights!!!!!

Suits fine for those who are yes sirs to Brussels.
Darren Galea (12 hours, 46 minutes ago)
Depictions of ancient methods of execution shouldn’t be hung up on our school walls. We have churches for that.
I M Dingli (12 hours, 48 minutes ago)
@ M. Brincat, M. Attard

Are you serious? From your comments, I guess you wouldn’t find a problem in enforcing such judgement in Malta.

So Muslims can be angry if a drawing of Mohammed is used but we cannot hang a crucifix in a classroom. Is this equality and respect? Unbelievable. They would shout Jihad if something similar had to happen in their respective countries and I’m sure it wouldn’t just end there.
Sandro Pace (12 hours, 50 minutes ago)
Italy should indeed disobey this ruling with firmness, as should Malta in such a case. This is not a State-Church seperation issue. It is a democratic issue. The majority would want it there, and there it should remain. Complete Religion-State seperation is an utopia.

Mr. M Brincat, Isaac Newton was a fervent Christian, so I cannot understand the connection with IQ.

I understand that those arguing against the Cross in public cases, would declare that they would not want it even on their final resting place.
Stephen Farrugia (12 hours, 51 minutes ago)
Now our church will suffer from their own promotion of multiculturism. Enjoy your shortsightedness !

With love,

Stephen Farrugia (Sliema)
Malcolm Mifsud (12 hours, 52 minutes ago)
This is a very dangerous ruling as it threatens the rights of millions of people in many other aspects. Hasn’t the European Court of Human Rights anything better to do? Why not try to solve, or at least give more attention to the problem of illegal immigration for instance?
Chris Reiff (12 hours, 52 minutes ago)
A big and important step towards a secular society.
v mercieca (12 hours, 54 minutes ago)
Europe was built on Christian values and the crucifix is the symbol of Christianity.
New arrivals to our continent have to respect our traditions, not necessary adopt our religion.
They knew beforehand that the European continent is mainly Christian, so they knew what they were in for.
Europe should adopt a rule that citizenship given to these new comers, would be withdrawn if they refuse to integrate with the rest of us.
I believe that the European Court made an ass of itself to rule in such a way. The Court ignored the sentiments of hundreds of millions to please a few hundreds.

D.Abdilla (12 hours, 55 minutes ago)
Muslim taking over Europe: 60% complete
Europe Losing it’s Culture: 90% complete
A. Muscat (12 hours, 55 minutes ago)

“If the crucifix is there and I am a Muslim I will continue to respect my religion. Jesus in the classroom doesn’t bother me,” Zenat, a 14-year-old girl of Egyptian origin, told Reuters Television.’

You are absolutely right Ms. Zenat. Ironically, Jesus is recognized, loved, respected and most importantly his teaches are FOLLOWED by all Muslims than His followers!

One thing for sue Lowell-ismists would will a political mileage now.
I notice that my comments don’t appear. Is it an internet problem or cencorship issue?

Carmel J. Caruana (12 hours, 57 minutes ago)
“Two Italian laws dating from the 1920s, when the FASCISTS were in power, state that schools must display crucifixes.”

Something to reflect upon.

E. Psaila (12 hours, 59 minutes ago)
…help them with your comments…don’t you see that this is what they want…they want to achieve what they did not in 1565…
M.Brincat (13 hours, 7 minutes ago)
Good decision when considering schools need to encourage high iQ attitudes.
M Attard (13 hours, 9 minutes ago)

Religion is a private matter and that’s how it should be. It has no place in our classrooms.


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Malta Goverment and The Maltese – Cruelty Towards Animals

20 years of Nationalist Government in Malta and the same 20 years of Labour Party in opposition have not managed to come up with one iota of law in favor of animals and the rights of animals.

There is regular reports of sever cruelty on animals, especially to dogs and cats and hardly anybody was brought to justice, and those who have been brought to justice have been given either a verbal warning or a pitiful fine.


Even all the local counsels are in support of cruelty towards animals, as most public places in most localities in Malta are out of bounds for cats and dogs, instead of dedicating an area LIKE ALL OTHER EU COUNTRIES, where dogs can be taken too.
It is not a laughing matter as also our tourist industry doesn’t give a hoot about animal welfare, try and find a hotel or accommodation in Malta that accepts pets……….none, try and find a restaurant in Malta where pets are accepted……..again none.

Pet lovers, please, protest with your EU reps to bring Malta in line immediately on animal rights, and boycott Malta till the Maltese authorities take concrete action in animal welfare, protest by not collaborating in this cruelty towards animals by holidaying elsewhere where animal rights are respected, this is not medieval times, in 2009 animals have rights, Malta was and still not ready to fulfill it’s full obligation of EU laws and should be treated as such.


I am adamant to shame MALTA and the MALTESE till I read that someone is serving behind bars for cruelty towards animals, and will expose this on every available animal lover websites and Touristic websites till the Maltese learn their deserved lesson.


Download our law on Animal rights and protection

Have a read of this new report on a local newspaper and readers comments.
Wednesday, 15th July 2009 – 18:50CET

More animal cruelty reported in Gozo

Two dogs were killed and a kitten injured in two incidents of animal cruelty reported in Gozo today.

Gozo SPCA centre manager Betty Berry and the police were alerted to whimpers from a skip at Marsalform at 8 a.m. Ms Berry went with the police on site and after lifting a plastic sack from the skip discovered two dogs on top of each other inside.

One had died, the other was screaming in agony and the vet felt that the only option was to peacefully put it to sleep.

An injured kitten was later handed to the SPCA by a tourist. The kitten had a severe eye infection which could result in the loss of one eye. It was now under veterinary care at the SPCA shelter and the police wanted to keep it as a station cat once it recovered.

These two incidents follow closely the case of the German Shepherd found abandoned in a cave off Qala last week.

Tuesday, 14th July 2009 – 09:41CET
Rescue team moves in to save three dogs

Desperate barks echoed through the otherwise deserted Għajn Tuffieħa barracks yesterday as an animal rescue team moved in to save three dogs suspected of being kept there for illegal fighting.

One small dog, a mixed breed just a few months old, had its head stuck between two bricks preventing it from reaching the mound of animal intestines beside it that was the only food in sight.

There was also a bucket of water which, being empty, was of little use to the trapped dog. The chain that held it captive in the make-shift yard in the sweltering sun had burrowed into its skin.

Despite its discomfort, the small creature wagged its tail on seeing rescuers from the Animal Welfare Department and animal NGO Noah’s Ark, who work together to save injured and abandoned strays from the cruel streets.

Animal welfare officer Godric Marston climbed over a wire fence, about two metres high, to free the bitch which he kept calling “pupa” (doll). Once released the dog was clearly grateful as, tail wagging, it kept trying to jump onto its rescuer.

Mr Marston’s colleagues then set up a ladder so that the dog could be safely lifted over the fence.

Earlier on, the team rescued a male pit bull that was tied up with a short chain in another yard at the barracks. Beside him lay a pile of pig skin.
The dog, about nine months old, was surprisingly friendly, despite the scars on its face and body.

“The poor thing was tied up in the yard that was easily accessible by other dogs making it completely defenceless in case of attack,” Mr Marston said.
Charlie, as Mr Marston called him, cooperated with rescuers and got into the pen that was then lifted into an animal ambulance – a service officially launched last week.
Rescuers also saved another pit bull that was roaming around the barracks alone. This male dog, about nine years old, was too aggressive to handle so it had to be sedated with a dart gun.

The three dogs were taken to a vet and are now in the care of the Animal Welfare Department. They will eventually be taken to the Noah’s Ark sanctuary in Mellieħa. Noah’s Ark founder Fabio Cuschieri said the organisation had been informed about the dogs by passers-by.

“I think that, given the circumstances in which they were found, they were being kept there for dog fighting. This type of cruelty towards animals can’t go on,” he stressed.
He has long been insisting on the need to introduce microchipping as it would allow the owners of abandoned animals to be tracked down.

The government has said it hoped that, within the next few years, microchipping would be made obligatory. However this would have to be done following consultation with all stakeholders including animal NGOs and pet owners.THESE IDIOTS HAVE BEEN SAYING THIS SAME OLD BULLSHIT FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS- FUCKING LIARS (My Comment)

The 24-hour animal ambulance started operating at the beginning of the month following an agreement reached between Noah’s Ark, which runs it, and the government that will be financing it.

Animal lovers can call on 2122 4001 to report an injured or abandoned stray animal.
R Formosa (3 hours, 6 minutes ago)
My heartful thanks to Dr Mario Spiteri, Godrick, Manuel and the rest of this great team. No words can describe how hard they are trying. In just a few months this department improved so much and keeps on improving by the day. I wish them all the very best and please keep up your excellent work. Let us move on to prosecuting the abusers.

David Kinsella (3 hours, 30 minutes ago)
I have thought about the idea of obligatory microchipping to trace the owners of mistreated and/or abandoned dogs. However, couldn’t there be a loophole in the system? I mean, if an owner’s bitch has a litter of puppies, and the owner is a person who mistreats/abandons animals, all he would have to do to cheat the system would simply be not to have the puppies microchipped. In other words, not to register them. As if they never existed. Who would know? So, cruel owners would get round the system through this loophole.

I may be wrong here. I would appreciate if someone would confirm this, thank you. I will discuss this with all involved in animal welfare, NGOs included. In theory, this microchipping system is the solution to catching the cruel culprits and in seeing to the well-being of the animals.

Rachel Spiteri (4 hours, 39 minutes ago)
Happy to hear they are taken to Noah’s Ark. Well done to all for saving these lovely dogs.
Joseph abdilla (6 hours, 16 minutes ago)
@jane deguara
Jane, you should report this (man!!!) to the police, RSPCA and any other animal caring bodies that there are in Malta. I also think that the church through its sermons ought to try to educate these people to treat all animals and birds with kindness and appreciation.
Lori Massini-Morgan (6 hours, 39 minutes ago)
How many horror stories do we have to hear before something will be done to these low life devils who torture animals? No pain or suffering would be enough for punishment. I just can’t believe what goes on. People who abuse animals/pets must be stopped. How I wish it would be an eye for an eye in Malta as far as punishment goes. Not a slap on the wrist or nothing at all in most cases.
The wonderful rescue team with ambulance came to save a poor little cat who laid on my porch last friday and would not move or eat. I called for help and within an hour or two they came to rescue him. Sadly the poor litlte cat had liver damage and could not be saved. At least he did not die alone in the sun or suffer. I never saw him before but I’m happy he picked my porch to spend his final hours. I can only assume it was God sent him to us. I cared for him as much as I could and showed him as much love as possible.
He did not make it but at least his passing was peaceful.
v.pulis (7 hours, 1 minute ago)
@ Edwin Formosa
Despite of all your Holier than thou attitude it is clear that you are incapable to love both man and animals. Your love seems to be rationed whereas animal lovers can find it in them to love both humans and other creatures considered by your kind to be inferior. This misguided notion stems from a passage in the bible which says that God gave man pwer over all the other animals. This phrase has been abused eversince.
Mankind is truly at the top of the animal kingdom in as much as he can control his habitat for better or for worse, but that fact puts a heavy burden on his shoulders. Power brings with it responsibility. We owe it to the animals for the harm man has done them all these thousands of years. And oh yes, I’m against abortion.

Teresa Pace (7 hours, 3 minutes ago)
Re Jane deguara….how about him eating once a week eh? Yes please do report this man in siggiewi. If the public pulls the same rope and reports such incidents, we will surely make a difference.

Joe Azzopardi (7 hours, 19 minutes ago)
Well done to the people involved in this rescue. Thanks for your work.

Sylvia Zammit (7 hours, 23 minutes ago)
Once again – Well Done to the Animal Welfare Dept staff, Noah’ Ark, and the ones who were courageous enough to report the abuse.The recent spate of cruelty cases just confirms that we have been saying all along -many cases of cruelty are not reported because there was nowhere for the ‘victims’ to go. Hopefully, these poor dogs will get a 2nd chance, though, being pitbulls, this is no easy task.
It’s about time we heard of the people who do this being prosecuted and punished – and punished severely too! CRUELTY TO ANIMALS IS A CRIME! Such so called humans (and please don’t call them animals!!!) should rot in jail, not live to brag about it and commit it again.I remember the video of dog fighting that was once shown on TV. Was there ever follow up? NO!
As for consulting with stakeholders – why? Since when? I don’t remember being consulted when wardens, VAT and VRT were introduced – to name just 3 things that annoy many of us. I fully agree with Mr.Swindells -Chip now!

rachel blake (7 hours, 35 minutes ago)
mr edwinformosa,

not a word of pity for those unfortunate animals. In fact, you’ve used this article to beat the drum about an entirely unrelated issue. You don’t have to be green, socialist or liberal to be moved by the plight of such vulnerable beings. People like you have no idea what true Christianity is all about.

T Aquilina (7 hours, 41 minutes ago)
Micro-chipping is only part of the solution – newborn puppies and kittens do not come with such features. There is a great need to step-up education in schools and promote prevention such as neutering. And oh, is there a licence for breeding for the purpose of selling, by the way? Not least, the perpetrators must not be allowed to get away with it – or get off too lightly. Lastly, those involved in the rescue have all our gratitude for the humanity and generosity.

joseph abdilla (7 hours, 43 minutes ago)
@Edwin Formosa.
Edwin you always seem to bring the ideology of the catholic church into your arguments. Does your faith consider animals and birds as a lesser being than humans, and so its Ok to harm them, kill them or be cruel to them. I am afraid your thoughts are hypocritical and does not make sense to the civilized masses.
jane deguara nee hughes (7 hours, 52 minutes ago)
well done….. there is some cruel people in malta.. and i for 1 will keep that number in my purse, there is 1 man in siggiewi who has dogs in a field tied up when you go to give it water he tells you no i feed them once aweek… so i will be sending more details to the number for sure.

Joseph Galea (7 hours, 54 minutes ago)
Well done to the rescuers of these helpless, abused creatures. It is about time that the authorities seriously revamp the laws against animal cruelty and make them very, very onerous. Starting fines should be between Euro 500 and 1000. And clear, sadistic actions should be punishable by imprisonment. Otherwise, these evil criminals will continue to flout the laws – they probably make loads of money from betting on the dog fights.

Teresa Pace (7 hours, 54 minutes ago)
As bird hunting was brought to a halt, so thus must animal cruelty. In my opinion people who does this stuff deserve steep fines or even jail. A person who harms animals isn’t safe enough to roam freely. Why if a person can harm a defensless animal he can turn to any weak, vulnerable human being any time. So do keep these people in check….for the defensless animals’ sake and for our sake as well.

A cardona (8 hours, 5 minutes ago)
Reading this article i felt that i was reading parts of the script of a forthcoming Tarantino movie. Can the government push up the fines to proper fines? fines that run into the thousands?? What kind of sick minded being would do such cruelty? I wonder what are his intents to humans.

@Edwin Formosa – I agree with you and am all against abortion as its just a packaged word for murdering (unless in life threatening circumstances) but do you feel that leaving these dogs to suffer would have done any justice? If humans do not take care of them who can take care of them?
C Vidal (8 hours, 14 minutes ago)
@Edwin Formosa
what one has to do with the other???? over here we are talking about animal cruelty and not abortion……especially abortion in the US. Here we are talking about Malta and not US. Do you know the laws in the US? If he was found guilty it means that some sort of law was broken, but I cannot say whether that was right or wrong as I do not know how the laws are over there and what exactly happened. And what this has to do with the socialists/liberals and all those that you mentioned? being one of these does not mean that you agree with abortion. Neither it means that every animal and dog lover agrees with abortion. far from it for sure, and probably the opposite is true. unfortunately few people like you, that seem to be religiously motivated, try to underestimate animals and their right to live on this planet in a respectful way…and this is because religion always gave importance to humans while putting animals suitable only for their convenience…for entertainment, food etc.

Simone Inguanez (8 hours, 18 minutes ago)
Do keep up the good work and true dedication. We need to do much better in the fields of education and awareness. Cruelty to animals reflects broader issues.

Ray Buhagiar (8 hours, 18 minutes ago)
From my roof top, in Fgura, I could see at least 4 dogs who are kept daily on the roof. They are never taken out and I doubt if they ever smelt the smell of open fields. Although they have some shelter from the sun, the concrete is surely to hot and I have seen them at times eating their own faeces. These dogs are barking most of the time from lack of attention.

Government: Wake up and do like Girona Council in Spain.
adrian aquilina (8 hours, 19 minutes ago)
mr formosa, a person has the will to choose to have an abortion while these dogs had no choice in the is also not your business what another adult does legally with their own body..its not like religion ever did good but always did the darkest of deeds.
well done to the rescuers and everyone who gives up time or helps animals and humans in need..mostly its the non religious who do the most for underpriviliged etc as they have no discriminatoin against anyone or for the arrested priest,he should have just preached in his church and left others alone.or can i stand outside a church here and tell everyone about the evils of the church?or are they adult enough to choose their way..

John Azzopardi (8 hours, 24 minutes ago)
I am sure that not so long ago the Lands Department had vacated the barracks and evicted the squatters. It seems the squatters are back with impunity.

Fleur Spiteri (8 hours, 33 minutes ago)
A big well done to the people who reported this, and a bigger well done to the rescuers. Its about time that we see this sort of action in Malta. Animals have been suffering for too long. Again, well done to all concerned.

R. Azzopardi (8 hours, 34 minutes ago)
@Edwin Formosa

Your argument does not hold any water I’m afraid. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Cruelty is cruelty, no matter who the victim is. Human beings and animals both feel the same pain.
edwin formosa (8 hours, 40 minutes ago)
The difference between trying to save a dog and trying to save a human being:-
“Oakland pastor Walter Hoye, was sent to jail for peacefully counseling and picketing at a local abortion facility.Hoye was ordered to serve 30 days in county jail by Judge Stuart Hing of the Alameda Superior Court, who found him guilty of unlawfully approaching two persons entering an abortion facility in Oakland and offering information about abortion alternatives.” Any comment from the liberal/green/socialist minded dog lovers?

J. Galea (8 hours, 46 minutes ago)
Well Done! Keep up the good work!

Sean Bonello (8 hours, 47 minutes ago)
@ Matthew Dougall

Very well said!!!
Charles Micallef (8 hours, 51 minutes ago)
The law should be reviewed and make it illegal for anyone to leave dogs permanently chained, be it on a roof or in a yard unless that is their owners agree to be chained next to their animals, for them to find out what it is like………………..!

Chaining a dog permanently (and especially) in scorching sun is cruelty in the worse form and there are many of those all over both our Islands ………………!
Diana Posey (8 hours, 52 minutes ago)
I want to congratulate the Animal Welfare Dept and to Noah’s Ark, and also for the people who reported the findings. One thing I wished they would have done. Just leave the animals in place just for one day (meanwhile provide them some water), and hide somewhere until the owners of the animals arrive to check on them, That way they would be caught in action, their names would be taken and then charged… and after that…monitored, as there is nothing stopping these people from finding another hide-out place and put new dogs there. If names are taken and kept written down in a bad-book or something…. after a while I am sure they will do the same thing over and over again, after the water have calmed down.
Hopefully this monitoring will happen in future cases, the persons who are animal abusers, would be known and eventually monitored closely.

Lorraine Vella (8 hours, 53 minutes ago)
Prosit and a heartfelt thanks go to Fabio and to all the animal welfare officers, and also to the passers by who alerted the polices. However, I hope that something will be done to enforce penalties due. Who owns these barracks? Is it the gov, or does it belong to a private citizen? If it belongs to the gov, then this ought to be locked in a way as to make it difficult for anyone to trespass, let alone keep animals there!!!

George Swindells (8 hours, 54 minutes ago)
CHIP NOW. CHIP NOW. CHIP NOW Not in ‘some yaers time’ CHIP NOW. No more waiting.

VETs shoulds the power of ensuring that dogs are chipped before giving any animal back to their owners.

Breaders must be registered and required by law to chip ALL animals passing through their kennels.

Owners must be held accountable for their dogs, and cats for that matter, and must report to the police any missing animals so the information can be put on a national missing animal data base to enable the tracking of stray dogs.

Any body in position of non chipped dogs should have them confiscated and they should get a heavy fine.

Well done Animal Welfare and Noahs Arc.
c vidal (8 hours, 59 minutes ago)
Well done to the rescuers. It is disgusting hearing about such events. There are no words to describe those who mistreat dogs, cats etc. Also it is worrying and dangerous to have them running on the streets since I consider these monsters (if i call them animals I will be offending the animal kingdom including humans) as dangerous even to fellow humans. Where are the police? It is shameful to see that on a small island like Malta everything is out of control. Then where are the politicians? or they appear only before an election? what consultations they need to do? doing consultations for what? to look busy as if like they are doing something? maybe to do a show off in front of the media and to show the people how busy we are? and then nothing is done after that….till another consultation maybe some years after (when everyone forget about the previous one). microchipping does not apply for those that brred animals and keep them for fighting. The laws have to be amended including hefty fines and jail sentences. Currently the law is a whole farce…a joke….an offense to civilised society.

M. Vella (9 hours, 8 minutes ago)
@ Stefania Soler – please do not compare these beings to animals, you are insulting the animals.

@ Government – when are you going to start taking some concrete action against these perpetrators if they are caught.

A STRONG message needs to be sent out to all those inflicting cruelty to animals. Just because animals don’t vote doesn’t mean that they should be ignored.

philip pace (9 hours, 10 minutes ago)
From the article/report:-

The government has said it hoped that, within the next few years, microchipping would be made obligatory. However this would have to be done following consultation with all stakeholders including animal NGOs and pet owners.

What is our wafer thin majority of government doing about this?

Just dedicating itself to grand designs by spending carelessly to useless projects.

To the despicable person who did this. I wish you all the ‘best’ things in life to you and your family.

How about changing roles for one day?

You must be a miserable so so to do this.

Justin Case (9 hours, 11 minutes ago)
Following the rescue, should the police not await for the ‘owners’ to turn up and have them arrested. Then they shoudl be names and shamed and heavily fined as an example to others.

L Aquilina (9 hours, 11 minutes ago)
Heartfelt gratitude to all does who report, save and protect these defenceless creatures. My strong support goes to any state initiative that proposes to care for these animals. Please let us know how and where we can contribute.

G Falzon (9 hours, 17 minutes ago)
I am of the opinion that in these circumstances the police or other enforcement agencies should have kept the necessary watch for a few hours to capture the culprits. Besides, I also think that broadcasting the names (identities) of these courageous and commendable public service personnel does not do anyone any good. Media should refrain from publishing personal details of Government staff doing such enforcement duties!

Sheila Caruana (9 hours, 28 minutes ago)
Congratulations to the Animal Welfare Dept and to Noah’s Ark. This is a prime example of our officers’ commitment to the welfare of all animals in Malta. Well done Mr Marston.

Matthew Dougall (9 hours, 31 minutes ago)
you don’t have to be an animal lover to report such cruelty

Malvin Debono (9 hours, 33 minutes ago)
I’m afraid the sort of language I would use to describe the people who did this is unsuitable for this website! Suffice to say that in my opinion no amount of fines is good enough as punishment in these cases.

Matthew Dougall (9 hours, 34 minutes ago)
you don’t have to be an animal lover to report such cruelty

stefania soler (9 hours, 42 minutes ago)
The more of this i see, the more appalled and disgusted i feel. I just wonder if something is being seriously done to track down these ANIMALS. Yes, because THEY are animals, the ones ill treating these poor defenceless dogs, not the ones in the cages being rescued. When are severe sentences going to take place and these perpetrators taken to justice in a proper way? These situations are occurring on a weekly basis, the authorities must put their foot down, it’s the only way to help these poor dogs and cats and to help the Animal Welfare Dept and animal NGOs. Well done to Mr Marston and Fabio.

David A. Agius (9 hours, 54 minutes ago)
Wasn’t this site cleared from Squatters a few months ago? DO we need to do a follow up visit?

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Malta EU Elections – PN vs PL

The Maltese public seems very weary in putting their trust in the two major political parties. Most say they have close to the same agenda. Well to get an idea you have to think of it as organized crime, You can call the PN as the Genovese’s and the PL the Gambino’s. It’s all a power game to them, where occasionally each party tries to politically assassinate another party’s candidate, especially if he edges into his opponent’s territory. But when they both feel threatened then that’s where both the PN and the PL unite to destroy anybody else encroaching on their territory.

 Sure that they say a lot of crap with regards to their responsibility towards their citizen, let’s face it, how many of us can put his hand on his heart and say that we are living in a safer Country now ( Government, Police and Security forces do not know who or how many foreigners are actually living in Malta), that our health care system is improving (Having an understaffed hospital with long lists of citizens waiting for a hospital service), that our infrastructure is improving (roads, energy services, environment, housing, etc), that our education system is improving (we are creating certified zombies that are qualified but not ready for a working world), That our Social system is improving (yes it is improving for those who knows how to abuse it but discriminatory with those that paid into it for their retirement with the Government now saying it is getting unsustainable), The judiciary system (Justice seems to punish the victims and rewards the criminals), Workers rights improvement (unfair worker competition y authorities turning a blind eye on illegal work being done foreign workers and those abusing the social system, allowing employers to abuse the system by using part timers to absolve them from having to pay workers for leave, sick leave etc).

So one can easily see that by keeping either the Genovese’s (PN) or the Gambino’s (PL), it is definitely not in our National interest but definitely in their interest as they can both keep lining their pockets with our tax money without being accountable. That is why they both (The Genovese’s (PN) or the Gambino’s (PL)) keep delaying in reaching an agreement to audit and publish any of their financial reports. Keeping their propaganda machine costs millions of euros per year even in Malta and that money is coming from somewhere, and those investing in the Genovese’s (PN) or the Gambino’s (PL) will want a return on their investment. I can’t imagine anyone in Malta today believe that anybody gives anything for nothing to a Political Party that are unaccountable of how money is being received and by whom or spent and to whom. I am not talking about the small fry here either.

Malta FlagSmarten up people. Read and look up information. Never rely on any of the Genovese’s (PN) or the Gambino’s (PL) propaganda machine. Research the vast amount of information on the internet and see with your own eyes if what you are paying in taxes is being translated in a better life for you, your family and your community. Use your option if you have to in voting in other minority party candidates to the traditional Genovese’s (PN) or the Gambino’s (PL) parties, at the end of the day we will be better served politically as they will all feel threatened- this time by the public.

To see how credible the Genovese’s (PN) can only be reached by this statement. Before Malta joined the EU we have done a referendum where it was accepted by the Maltese people to join the EU. We also demonized the Gambino’s (PL) for saying that they will not accept the referendum results. Now we had the EU not accepting referendum results of French, Dutch and Irish for an EU Constitution cum Treaty,and the Genovese’s (PN) did not utter a word, in fact they went behind our backs and in conspiracy with the Gambino’s (PL) they denied us a referendum to chose our way forward- Hypocrites by a well organized crime Mafia parties Genovese’s (PN) or the Gambino’s (PL).

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Malta – Europe – Trust in Politicians

Euronews – The European Official TV Channel conducted an onlone Poll the Question for this Poll was:

Do we really TRUST our Politicians?

Do we really TRUST our Politicians?

Public trust in politics: do you think your country’s politicians are honest?

Yes:    7%

No:   88%

Not Sure: 4%

So before Our dear Politicians continue with their arbitrary legislation on everything under the sun, it is better to start implimenting a more viable way of doing politics by letting the people partecipate more in HOW THEY WANT TO BE GOVERNED. GIVE US OUR COUNTRY BACK AND GIVE BACK THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Politicians have hijacked the whole finances of the country while abdicating their responsability towards taxpayers. Yes to helping those that geniunely needs a push to fend for themselves, No to those that abuse the social assistance that live off it- Do not let these abusers live indefenitly of free money inteded to assist them out of falling behind, it should be only intended as a temporary measure to getthem back on their feet. WE demand accountablity from our Politicians, those that underperform should be removed by their own Political Party and should not be rewarded for failure. Workers Unions have more of a responsability than squabling over how much members each union has, you have the moral duty to police the Government on how our Tax money is spent and focus on the deterioration in standards of living. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO AFFORDABLE EDUCATION, ENERGY,HEALTH  AND SECURITY. Our Police, Judiciary and Security forces systems should focus on what they where created for – TO PROTECT THE COUNTRY AND IT”S CITIZENS FROM CRIME, AND THAT MEANS ALL SORTS OF CRIME AS DEFINED BY LAW.

Discepline and honest should work from the top down, We have created a two tier system where those in Authority can abuse all the systems and law, while the honest hard working citizen end up paying for it all. Politicians preach democracy while participating in it’s decline.

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Malta, Europe, UN, NGO’s – Humanitarian Mismanegment

The European Taxpayer is getting highly irritated with Politicians in their respective Countries. It is a expensive exercise for European taxpayers to acquire what is supposed to be a service from Politicians to manage our Countries. It is also an area that is highly unregulated, with Politicians assuming the right that instead of good management of our finances acquired through direct and indirect taxation, as their own private property, having to answer to nobody and that they answer to nobody, except for going to the polls every five years or so. They legislate in their favor into how much or if they deserve a pay rise, their expenses are as good as giving each one of them a blank cheque book, they are immune to persecution from the law of the land, they have ample ground to hide their tracks from auditors, they do not make available to the media all that should made public regarding their financing or their political party’s financing.

If one notices, they privatized everything that once belongs to the collective wealth of one’s Country, except their jobs and positions. Now we are also experiencing having to buy back toxic assets in the ‘Free Market’ financial system, not because they want to save our jobs, homes or savings, but simply to protect their investments in these failed institutions. Now this applies to all European Governments including the European Union Institutions, anarchy seems to be the order of the day.

Italy, under Silvio Berlusconi have had enough, they stopped to think, listened to the people, and acted upon the people’s concerns and legislated in their favor. Actually they went back to basics; Italy belongs to Italians and Law abiding residence permit holders, that they can spend their tax money according to Italy’s needs and requirements, to alleviate Italians solidarity needs with those needing it, for the security of Italians in their homes, neighborhood, cities and Country. In doing so, unelected NGO groups and International bodies said NO, Italians have no right for security and peace in their own Country and if they carry on with this policy, they are breaking International law!!

NGO’s and International Groups (UN and its agencies, Amnesty International, Medicines Sans Frontiers and other duplicate agencies) have been having it easy for too long. They hardly publish their accounts to today’s modern transparency accounting practices; they never restructure to reflect today’s needs, they pray on public funds and public sentiments without setting targets in either alleviating poverty in the world, stopping wars and bringing people committing atrocities to justice. It is a matter of one’s loss is another’s gain. They gain from other’s misery. That is why they never restructure or merge duplicate operations as a cost cutting exercise for a good service.

We as taxpayers, demand a stop to all this. The Media and journalists worthy of the name, must do more to inform and expose misuse of public funds even in NGO groups and International agencies such as the UN. They have a duty as Does our European Capital in the EU, to be transparent and accountable, they have to earn back our trust in Politicians and Institutions. Politicians are duty bound as their oath in office, that first and foremost protect their Country and its rightful citizens in all functions that compose a Country. Yes to Solidarity with poor Countries, refugees and those that are going through a crisis be it what it may, but NO to bringing everybody to the West in order to achieve this. Give them the instruments in world for a, desist from temptation of multinational Companies to make agreements with Countries that don’t play by international rules, intervene early where atrocities take place in the best interest of the world community, get the involvement of all international communities as the west cannot afford to neglect their own citizens while others just watch and criticize well intentioned actions. It is called back to basics, where citizens first of all felt secure in their own Country in order to assist others. We need to have some kind of law and order that we can respect, to afford to have and build a family for the benefit of our Country. Europe can ill afford to receive in its homeland the millions of Africans wanting to earn a living at our expense, yes we can help them in their homeland and show them the benefits of freedom, but not by giving aide to corrupt unaccountable governments that don’t have the decency to sign international rights laws, they are just making mockery of us as a well intentioned Union of People wanting to help, you will only waste our money that can help our own needy people in Europe by giving up our hard earned cash to non signatories Nations of  UN rights conventions by doing so. You will have aided corruption to flourish; you would be no better off than those corrupt Governments. Europe should enlist the expertise of Dambisa Moyo (writer of Dead Aide)

to understand poverty and how to manage it. Multi culture in Europe is dead, and the people mean it, We do not want another Yugoslav tragedy in our midst on a grander scale, because if we keep on this track, it will be only a matter of time till another stupid Hitler crops up in Europe that gathers enough support to wreck havoc and misery.

Dambisa Moyo interesting talk (Templeton Foundation) part1

Dambisa Moyo interesting talk (Templeton Foundation) part2

Dambisa Moyo interesting talk (Templeton Foundation) part3

Dambisa Moyo interesting talk (Templeton Foundation) part4

Dambisa Moyo interesting talk (Templeton Foundation) part5

Moyo- Proof that NGO’s have a vested interest in keeping Africa poor!

Dambisa Moyo- Proof that NGO’s have a vested interest in keeping Africa poor!

Dambisa Moyo- Proof that NGO’s have a vested interest in keeping Africa poor!

 Dambisa Moyo on interview -Bloomberg

Dead Aide in Africa : Dambisa Moya (African writter and economist) and Alison Evans (International Monetary Fund IMF economist) interviewed on BBC Hardtalk:

Dambisa Moyo Alison Evans- BBC Hard Talk Part 1  

Dambisa Moyo Alison Evans- BBC Hard Talk Part 2

Dambisa Moyo Alison Evans- BBC Hard Talk Part 3

The UN undecisive mess created in Africa- Jendayi Fraser on BBC Hard Talk
US Assistant Secretary of State for African affairs (George Bush Administration:

Jendayi Fraser on BBC Hard Talk- Part1

Jendayi Fraser on BBC Hard Talk-Part 2

Jendayi Fraser on BBC Hard Talk- Part 3


Euronews Oline Polls


Accountability of Politicians and Political Parties

Accountability of Politicians and Political Parties


Should all political expenses be made public?
yes                  (87%)
no                    (8%)
I don’t know (5%)




Controlling a silent European Invasion

Controlling a silent European Invasion

Is the EU doing enough to help countries control illegal immigration?
yes                  (14%)
no                   (80%)
I don’t know (6%)


Italy Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration
By Sabina Castelfranco
14 May 2009

Italy is cracking down on illegal immigration and under an agreement with Libya has begun sending boatloads of migrants back to Africa. Italy’s lower house of parliament has approved a new security bill by that redefines illegal immigration as a criminal offense.

During a ceremony in the Italian port town of Gaeta, Interior Minister Roberto Maroni gave Libya the first three of six patrol boats as part of an agreement to stem the flow of illegal immigrants.

Italy has long pressed Libya to better patrol its coasts to prevent boats carrying African immigrants from leaving its shores in search of a better life in Europe.


Rescued migrants react on board an Italian coast guard boat while arriving at the port of Tripoli, Libya, 07 May 2009

Rescued migrants react on board an Italian coast guard boat while arriving at the port of Tripoli, Libya, 07 May 2009



Last week, Italy started sending boatloads of migrants it intercepted in international waters back to Libya without first screening them for asylum claims. Libyan Ambassador to Italy Hafid Gaddur said his country could process the requests from asylum seekers who might otherwise have presented the requests in Italy.

The U.N. refugee agency has criticized the new policy, saying it is against international law and criticizing Libya’s alleged lack of facilities.

But Interior Minister Maroni said Italy needs international backing.

He said in the fight against illegal immigration, there are a lot of instruments at our disposal, but they are not sufficient if there is a lack of international collaboration to combat the trafficking of human beings.

Maroni said said the European Union must step in and help member states that bear the brunt of illegal immigration in the Mediterranean. He said Italy is a front-line state against illegal immigration and invests its own funds to protect other European countries.

Wednesday, Italy’s lower house of parliament approved a security bill that redefines illegal immigration as a criminal offense. The lawmakers voted to fine illegal immigrants up to $15,000 and jail people who house them in Italy.

The new measures would lengthen the amount of time illegal migrants can spend in detention and allows local officials to set up citizen patrols.

The new security bill must be approved by the Italian Senate, parliament’s upper house, before it becomes law.

Italy receives the world’s fourth-highest number of asylum claims each year after the United States, Canada and France.


Italian MPs back crackdown on illegal migrants

New law criminalizing illegal entry or residence is aimed at curbing boats run by smuggling rings

Wednesday 13 May 2009 13.52 BST

Italy‘s lower chamber of parliament passed a controversial bill today making it a crime to enter or stay in Italy illegally‚ in the latest effort by Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative forces to crack down on illegal immigration.

To ensure swift passage, the Italian prime minister’s allies put the legislation to a confidence vote, which they easily won 316-258. Confidence votes force MPs to close ranks, since any defeat would bring about the government’s resignation.

The legislation makes it a crime to enter or stay in Italy without permission, punishable by a fine of €5,000-€10,000 (£4,500-£9,000) but no prison penalty. Anyone who rents housing to an illegal immigrant faces up to three years’ jail.

The measure must now be approved by the senate.

Berlusconi’s conservative coalition has been trying to clamp down on illegal immigrants, bolstered by surveys showing that many Italians link immigrants to crime.

Last year, more than 36,000 immigrants from Africa and elsewhere arrived in Italy by boat, many coming ashore on the tiny Sicilian island of Lampedusa. Hundreds of boats run by organized smuggling rings set off from Libya alone.

Italy now ranks fourth after the US, Canada and France for the number of asylum-seekers, according to the Italian Refugee Council, a humanitarian group. Last year 31,160 people sought asylum in Italy, more than double the number from 2007.

This month, Italy has started sending back to Libya boatloads of people it intercepted in international waters without screening them first for possible asylum claims. The UN refugee agency, the Vatican and human rights organizations have voiced outrage, saying Italy is breaching international law.

The government, which has long complained that it has been left alone by the European Union to deal with illegal immigration, has defended the new policy, saying the UN refugee agency could screen asylum-seekers in Libya.

Italy’s new return policy is not part of the bill passed today by parliament’s lower house, but of an overall security bill that also would authorize citizen anti-crime patrols.

While Italy has long issued expulsion orders for illegal immigrants, the new law would criminalize illegal entry or residence – something critics say could result in people being turned in for simply going to a doctor.

Rocco Buttiglione, a centre-right MP, bitterly criticized the bill before the vote, saying it would bring “slavery” to Italy by creating a class of workers without any rights.

He said it would restrict illegal migrants to employment as factory workers and care workers “in a condition of material and moral inferiority”.

The end result, he said, would be that the immigrants, rather than turning to police when they needed to, would go to the mafia or seek vigilante justice.

Manuela del Lago, of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, which spearheaded the legislation, said Italy was embarking on the right path. “We don’t understand why we have to keep them all here, and in other countries they don’t take anyone,” she said.

Under an immigration law adopted when Berlusconi was last in power, immigrants must have a job awaiting them in order to get a residency permit.

Italian authorities issue expulsion orders for asylum-seekers who do not qualify, although many of the tens of thousands of clandestine migrants who arrive in Italy yearly slip through the cracks. They either stay in Italy secretly or travel to other European countries to find jobs or meet up with family.

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Malta MP’s – European MEP’s – UK MP’s – Expenses Transperency!!

UK Politicians and Politics can only be described as in a real mess. The voting UK public are utterly disgraced behavior in claiming of expenses by MP’s. With the revelation and publication of claims made by UK Mp’s of major Parties, that a few months ago where calling Bankers Fat Cats, are no more than fat pigs themselves when it comes to help themselves in tax payers money.

The UK Parliament currently consists of , (New sic) Labour 350 seats, Conservative 193 seats, Liberal Democrat 63 seats, Scottish National Party/Plaid Cymru 10 seats, Democratic Unionist 10 seats, Sinn Fein 5 seats (Have not taken their seats and cannot vote) , Social Democratic & Labour Party 3 seats, Independent 5 seats, Independent Conservative 1 seat, Independent Labour 1seat, Ulster Unionist 1 seat, Respect 1 seat, Speaker & 3 Deputies 4 seats (Do not normally vote)– for a grand total of 646

UK Parliament Website
UK Parliament MP’s Salary
UK MP’s Allowances
UK MP’s Greenbook

UK Parliament Party Composition


Now that is enough said about UK Politicians. I am getting increasingly worried of wasted tax payers of MEP, as they are also never transparent or have their expenses scrutinized, to top it all they voted themselves a pay rise for 2009 when everybody else is asked to cut back, losing his job or losing his home.

 They are the least accountable lot that hide their tracks from investigative media reporters or publishing their audits. Thank God for the leaked Galvin report.

Interesting Reading about Galvin Report

Galvin Report on EU Taxpayer’s money wasting, and unaccountability

Then we come to our local MP’s in Malta. Never, but never have I seen any published break down report of MP’s expenses. The rule of thumb between the PL and PN has always been you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

A well known secrets that most of our MP’s are involved in private Companies, and some have shares in each other’s Companies. What is more interesting is that our media does not even try to access any of these documents and inform the Public, as they are duty bound to do (remember the media adage: keeping the public informed).

The reason being that our media don’t like to rock the boat as they too have their snouts in the trough.

 Below is our Parliament Mission Statement and links to MP’s and Ministers code of ethics. All are full of lawyer type word jargon so that they leave themselves enough loop holes to escape any scrutiny of any wrong doing.

Who will ever help and care of our tax money, no wonder all of us Europeans are in such a mess trying to make ends meet and living from hand to mouth.Are all the thieves really imprisoned!!

Mission Statement (Malta Parliament)

The Maltese House of Representatives, through its elected representatives, is accountable to the people of Malta for the provision and conduct of representative government in the interest of Maltese citizens.

Towards this end the Office of the Clerk is duty bound to deliver effective, apolitical, professional and innovative services to support the efficient conduct of the House of Representatives, its committees as well as a range of services and facilities for Members of Parliament. 

Maltese Parliament Mission Statement 

Maltese Ministers Code of Ethics

Maltese MP’s Code of Ethics


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Malta and Europe – Self on a Self Destruction Mission

The European Elections has jolted our own Politicians (PL and PN) and the European Politicians to crawl out of hibernation and will be active for a wee while (till after beginning of June) and then they will either be going into hibernation once again till another election threatens their job or they go on a partying/spending spree (off EU tax money).

The funny thing is that they sprung into action and acclaiming credit to a problem that they have ignored and denied for years, something that Malta, Italy and the EU Politicians are guilty in it. Now that their very job is under threat by not only the Maltese electorate but also a host of EU Countries electorate, as Polls on Euronews and other European Countries polls indicate, the people demand solutions. Most politicians of major parties with big budgets to ward off any flack from illegal immigration problems are as usual resorting to presenting themselves as fighters for the peoples cause and concerns, but by now surely the EU public knows very well that the Politicians efforts will only last till after June elections, then it’s the usual silent invasion of Europe continues. The usual European workers losing their jobs and free handouts to illegal immigrants.

Mentioning all of this, it is also true that since the start of this year, the number of boat people carrying illegal immigrants have fallen, not because there is a lack of illegal immigrants wanting to start their journey to Europe, but precisely because of the European Elections. The hidden hand behind this lucrative human trafficking business know very well that if hard line Politicians are voted in, it will be the end of their business. Who might have a stake in this high income business?

Well my grave suspicions are with those that have a lot at stake, the obvious losers of income if illegal immigration comes to a halt are- Yes, you’ve guessed it, our beloved EU Politicians with our Tax money cheque book , giving infinite amount of unaccountable money to African Nations to supposedly elevating those Nations out of Poverty. If the results in Africa looked promising, it would have been money well spent, as Africa could have started on the road to recovery, with less lives being lost and living standards improved. That is obviously not the case as everyone with a brain can notice. The other equally worried entities that will stand to lose if the traditional politicians are voted out of the EU are quite a few world class agencies and NGO groups. They are equally beneficiaries of infinite amount of money with no accountability, namely UNHCR, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Amnestity International, the Jesuits and other highly tax money paid groups. They are also the once holding whole Countries hostage by blackmailing politicians into either playing into their hands or otherwise exposing their Countries into International shame and condemnation. Believe me they have enough power and friends in the media to do just that, even if it is not just. Their failure (Politicians and the other groups) will be dumped on our conscience just like they shirked off their involvement and responsibility when the financial crises hit the man in the street.

If, and only if, one supposes that the EU electorate manages to push in change in Europe, at least one battle would have been won for Europe, and delayed the occupation of Europe by this subtle masonry groups, which on one hand claim separation of church and state and on the other hand they manage to privilege other religions (namely Islam) .Try as you might, the day will come when Europe be no more and out of its ashes will rise Eurabia. The new World Order will be Islamic, like it or not. George Orwell predicted it as did Nostradamus. At the end of the day, Europe would have got what it has deserved, as it was to drunk and continually raped by its European sons and daughters that despised her by their neglect in finding true leaders among its midst to protect and legislate in keeping her(Europe) safe and powerful for her future generations. Europe deserves its self imposed doom.

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Malta Politicians – A Jesuits Connection?

It is interesting to note, that quite a few of our key Politicians in Malta have received their education at a Jesuits School in Malta. I wonder how most of these Politicians are also descendants of Politicians or Members of a Religious order. I wonder if the Jesuits have a stronghold on our key politicians to advance the Jesuits agenda (see Jesuits article in this Blog).
Knowing that the Jesuits are not a defined religious order or rather described as a religious Military order that operates rather like Masonry, one can easily arrive to a different conclusion. People might look one thing on surface but the underlying motives might be otherwise. Coincidentally looking at profiles of other Political Party’s members and also key people in the Judicial, Law & Order enforcement agencies, and TV personalities and other areas of public importance also seem to have a Jesuits connection. Is it a coincidence or a Jesuits Plot – you the Public be the judge. Here are are the profiles of key politicians in Government that affect your daily life.

Malta Current Prime Minister- 2009

Malta Current Prime Minister- 2009

Lawrence Gonzi was born in Valletta on 1 July 1953 and is the elder of four siblings. He received his formal education at St Joseph school and later at St Aloysious College and The Archbishop’s Seminary. Lawrence Gonzi was also a member of the Circolo Gioventu` Cattolica.

Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment

Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment

Tonio Fenech was born in Birkirkara , Malta on the 5th May, 1969 . He was educated at St. Aloysius College, Birkirkara, and the University of Malta , from where he graduated as Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in accountancy and management, and received his B.A. Honours in accountancy. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Accountants and a public practice warrant holder.


Minister for Justice and Home Affairs

Minister for Justice and Home Affairs



 Dr Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici was born in Floriana, Malta on February 17, 1960. He was educated at St. Aloysius’ College Birkirkara, then De La Salle College Cottonera and at the University of Malta from where he graduated as Doctor of Laws in 1984.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs


Dr Tonio Borg was born in Floriana, Malta on the 12th of May, 1957. He was educated at St Aloysius’ College, Birkirkara and the University of Malta, from where he graduated as Doctor of Laws in 1979.

Maro de Marco studied at St Aloysius’ College (Malta) and at the University of Malta where he graduated as a Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) in 1988. He was awarded a Commonwealth scholarship for academic achievement and furthered his studies at the University of Cambridge (Trinity Hall) where he obtained his Masters in Laws (LL.M.) having specialised in International Commercial Law. He is an International Commercial Law lecturer at the University of Malta.
Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism

Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism  

Malta MEP Simon Busuttil

Malta MEP


Secondary and Sixth form (post-sec) St. Aloysius College, Birkirkara, Malta
Tertiary University of Malta, Tal-Qroqq, Malta
Post-Graduate University of Sussex, Sussex, United Kingdom



Ex-President and Prime Minister of Malta

Ex President of Malta and Minister



Fenech Adami is the son of Luigi Fenech Adami and Josephine Pace. Born in Birkirkara, he was educated at St Aloysius’ College in Birkirkara and at the University of Malta, where he first studied economics and then classics and later law. He was called to the bar in 1959.





Ex President of Malta and MinisterDr Guido De Marco – Ex President Malta 

Guido de Marco (born July 22, 1931) was President of Malta from 1999 to 2004. Prof. Guido de Marco was born in Valletta, Malta on July 22, 1931, son of the late Emanuele and Giovanna née Raniolo. He was educated at St Joseph High School, St. Aloysius’ College and the University of Malta. He graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in 1952, in Philosophy, Economics and Italian and in 1955 as a Doctor of Laws. For a time he served as a lawyer for the government.





Dr Joseph Muscat (Ex-LP MEP, Leader LP Malta)

Joseph attenda St Francis School, l-Iskola Primarja ta’ San Pawl il-Bahar, u l-Iskola Stella Maris qabel ma beda l-edukazzjoni sekondarja tieghu fil-Kullegg San Alwigi. Huwa jsostni li kiseb hafna mill-hiliet tal-management tieghu mill-Gizwiti, li rawwmulu fih sens ta’ dixxiplina u uzu tajjeb tal-hin. Joseph kompla bl-edukazzjoni post-sekondarja tieghu fis-Sixth Form tal-Kullegg San Alwigi qabel ma sar l-ewwel membru tal-familja tieghu li dahal l-Universita’ ta’ Malta.


Dr John Attard Montalto B.A. (Hons), LL.D., MEP

He attended primary school at Chiswick at Sliema, where he used to reside and at the Jesuit’s College of St Aloysius in Malta. He received his secondary education at Ardwyn College in the United Kingdom. He subsequently attended the University of Malta where he read history and graduated with an Honours Degree in 1974. In the following year he initiated his Masters degree. From 1975 to 1979 he read law and obtained a Diploma as a Notary Public and subsequently a Doctorate in Law. He was given his warrant and was called to the bar in 1980.


Kirill Micallef Stafrace (LP MEP Candidate)

was born in 1970. He received his secondary education at St Aloysius College and graduated MD from the University of Malta in 1993.


Roberta Metsola Tedesco Tricas (PN MEP Candidate)


Post Graduate:    College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium

Tertiary:         University of Malta

Exchange:         ERASMUS – one semester at the Faculte de Droit et Science Politique in Rennes France

Post-Secondary:   St Aloysius’ College 6th Form

Secondary:        St Joseph School Sliema



Dr. Alex Perici Calascione (PN MEP Candidate)


Alex started primary school at St. Joseph Convent in Blata l-Bajda in 1966. In 1973 he entered St Aloysius’ College in Birkirkara, where he obtained secondary education up to sixth form until 1980. He read law at the University of Malta from 1980 and graduated as Doctor of Laws in 1986.


Edward Demicoli (PN MEP Candidate)


-Primary education      De La Salle College (1975-1980)

-Secondary education  De La Salle College (1981-1986)

-Tertiary education University of Malta – BA International Relations (1996)

-Post graduate University of Maastricht-Master’s Degree in Business Management. (2000)


“The very word secrecy is repugnant, in a free and open society. For we are, as a people, inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret proceedings and to secret oaths.” … “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.” – John F. Kennedy’s secret society speech on April 27, 1961 (murdered on November 22, 1963).

President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech


Reported on Times Of Malta:

 8th May 2009 – 13:00CET

Migrants’ return – a loss for humanity, NGOs

“Forcibly returning people to a country where they may face ill-treatment and be pushed back into the arms of their persecutors, without an assessment of their need for protection, violates international law,” Jesuit Refugee Service Malta director Fr Joseph Cassar SJ said.

“Such actions constitute a violation of the right to seek asylum and of our obligations to ensure that all asylum seekers within our effective jurisdiction are allowed to seek asylum and protected from forced return to their country. A solution achieved at the expense of human rights cannot be hailed as a victory – it is a loss for the whole of humanity”, he said.

Fr Cassar was speaking on behalf of a coalition of 10 Maltese and international NGOs, church organisations and individuals, comprising Amnesty International Malta Group, Emigrants’ Commission, JRS Malta, JRS Europe, JRS Italia Centro Astalli, Kopin, Médecins Sans Frontières, Migrants’ Solidarity Movement, Moviment Graffiti, SKOP, Mr Terry Gosden and Fra Ġwann Xerri, who issued a statement on the return of 238 migrants to Libya by the Italian authorities.

Yesterday, 238 migrants rescued off Lampedusa were returned to Tripoli in Italian coastguard vessels. Italian Home Affairs minister Roberto Maroni was quoted expressing the hope that from now on all migrants intercepted could be returned to Libya.

“Hailed as a historic development in the fight against irregular immigration, this decision totally ignores the fact that many people making the crossing are in fact in need of international protection. It also ignores the fact that it is very difficult for asylum seekers to obtain effective protection in Libya or in the other countries through which they transit on the way to Europe”, the organisations said.

They said that inMalta alone more than half of those who applied for asylum were granted some form of protection. They used an irregular route because it wasimpossible for them to reach a place of safety in any other way.

It was clear that states had a right and duty to control their borders, but any measures implemented had to be in line with human rights legislation, which forbid the return of people to countries where they might face serious harm.

The coalition called upon all European governments to uphold the right to seek asylum, enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, and by ensuring that:

* asylum seekers within their effective jurisdiction were allowed access to a territory where they could seek asylum, so all in need of protection could be identified and granted the protection they needed; and

* no one was sent to a country where they might face serious violations of their human rights.
St. Aloysius’ College (Malta)
A Jesuit School
Founded 1907
Member of the
Jesuit European Committee for Secondary Education (JECSE)

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Malta MEP elections 2009 – PN/PL in a panic

The PN and PL are stumbling over each other, in trying to present themselves as the defenders of the Maltese Public and the future of the Maltese Islands.

You could smell an election in Malta, by the sudden Political agenda springing to life. The failure of both the PN and the PL, to keep mum for years, in regards to Malta’s invasion of the islands by illegal immigrants, has now caught up with both the major parties. Mr Gonzi and Co, including the PN MEP’s have now realized how naive they were in trusting the EU to assist and help Malta in alleviating the burden of illegal immigrant, with promise after promise that the EU is about to start tackling this problem seriously, something that not only did not materialize, but even our neighbor Italy made a mockery of our Government. Our illegal immigration spokesman in the EU, after all kinds of promises in imminent EU assistance has now resigned from the idea that the EU is four square behind him on his action plan, with the EU resigning to the idea that Malta will be lost to the illegal immigrants.

Gonzi and Co have been now exposed to the Maltese public, for what they really are. Last minute springing to life regarding this issue will not help the PN in non other by being despised by the current and future Maltese, for not coming to our defense when they were duty bound to defend the Maltese public who elected them. Instead they chose willingly not to, just to please other Countries. They have now sprung to life because they know that the public will be showing their anger with vengeance, they will give their answer the PN for branding the Maltese public racists and xenophobes in the polls in the upcoming MEP elections, they will reply to the legislation against the Maltese public by passing anti-Maltese laws for those that speak and voice their opinion against the settling and integration in Malta of illegal immigrants. The public will show their anger against the current Government for squandering their taxed income on illegal immigration while creating all kinds of hardship on the Maltese families by creating all kinds of Taxes, Tariffs and other hidden monetary burden just to appease the EU, the UN and NGO groups that have never been responsible in electing our present leaders. No one will ever trust the PN and their representatives again because everybody now got used to their lies, that before an election they spring to life and the next day after the election, they die again till the next election. The time has come, and when other European Citizens see that the Maltese public is now tired of being lied to, they will too start working seriously to regain control of their own Countries. Europe created an integrated Europe for the benefit of its people not to be given to all other Nationals that don’t have the right to work, live and reside there, not for other Nationals to take their livelihood, workplace, businesses, whole cities, and their hard earned money that was paid to alleviate the hardship of their fellow citizens and now being given away to other countries. Instead of all EU countries saving our money in the good days for a rainy day instead they chose to give it away and squander our money irresponsibly, even the auditors of the EU have qualms regarding EU unaccountable spending and giving away tax money. To make things worse all EU leaders and EU Countries Leaders have the guts to spend even more of our tax money to save their own money after the financial crash instead of saving homes and jobs.

I also hope that the PN stops treating the Maltese public as idiots, when they say that the PL voted in favour of Illegal Immigrants getting voting rights they are only confirming that they have got so used to lying to the public, that they are now believing their own lies. There is such a thing called internet where one can accuratly determine and find out the truth without having to resort to lies from the PN , PL or the Maltese media, they all lie according to their own agenda, on the otherhand the internet provides the golden treasure called truth, which is extremely lacking in the Maltese Politics and media.

Come on June 2009, I think that after that month the EU will never be the same again. To our representatives in the EU- you’d better plan your exit as the time of stealing our tax money is soon coming to an end- make the most of your filthy, greedy hands in the big pie.

Recent Newspaper reports:

Tuesday, 5th May 2009 – 14:39CET


PN ‘strongly condemns’ PL statement on immigration
The Nationalist Party said today it strongly condemned a statement issued by the Labour Party on illegal immigration, saying the party had destroyed national consensus on this issue and put partisan interests before the national interest.

“Through its decision to destroy the national consensus on immigration, the Labour Party under Joseph Muscat has reduced politics to the lowest level. Consensus on such a sensitive issue had even been maintained under Alfred Sant , but Joseph Muscat’s earthquake has managed to destroy it,” the PN said.

The PN claimed that the PL leader, through an ‘irresponsible position’ was serving the interests of the Italian government, which had an interest in taking over Malta’s search and rescue area and the Flight Information Region.

It said the PL had a dismal record on illegal immigration. As an MEP, Dr Muscat never took any initiative on immigration, but then in Malta he threatened use of the veto in the EU institutions.

The Labour MEPs had also voted in a contradictory fashion on the granting of the right to vote to migrants. In June 2005, one of the Labour MEPs voted in favour, in July 2006 the three MEPs, including Dr Muscat, abstained, and in September last year, they did not vote despite being present. In April, as the election approached, they voted against.

The Labour MEPs had also abstained during votes on detention policy and the repatriation of migrants and they had voted against keeping immigration a priority of the EU.

This contrasted with the actions of the Nationalist MEPs, who had helped shape the European Parliament’s policy on immigration, helped increase the Frontex budget and achieved the Parliament’s backing for amendments to the Dublin regulation and mandatory burden-sharing.

The PN insisted it would always seek the national interest in its policies on immigration.

See PL statement at:


Tuesday, 5th May 2009 – 11:25CET

Government decision on migration – “too little, too late” – PL

The Labour Party said today that the immigration issue showed that that this was a case of management by crisis and the government was continue to show itself to lack backbone.

The party was reacting to yesterday’s government statement, where it said that migrants in distress who abandoned their boats would be taken to the nearest port, but others may be assisted to continue on their journey.

The PL said this was nothing more than a spur of the moment reaction by the Gonzi government which was managing by crisis after having fallen into the trap laid by the Italians. The government had had to assume responsibility for 66 migrants which should have been taken in by Italy.

The Prime Minister had lost control of the situation and the decisions it was taking now were too little, too late. Labour leader Joseph Muscat had urged the government not to sign the Immigration Pact because it did not feature mandatory burden-sharing. Now Dr Muscat was being proved right, the PL said.

The PN and its colleagues in the PPE had not voted in favour of the EU Immigration Agency but now they agreed with it.

The PL also pointed out that the government had claimed that the issue of responsibility for the migrants had been solved in a phone call between Dr Gonzi and Sig Berlusconi in the wake of the Pinar E incident, only for it to have resurfaced once more.

The government, the PL said, should admit it had no plan to tackle immigration, in contrast to the PL which had published a plan with 20 points.


Tuesday, 5th May 2009 – 10:25CET

AN says its migrants policy has been vindicated
Azzjoni Nazzjonali said today that the Maltese government had finally decided to show some resolve on illegal immigration.

“The Cabinet’s decision to ‘assist such persons to continue on their way without danger’ is another vindication of AN’s policies outlined in its 10 point action plan on illegal immigration. These 10 points which included the proposal to escorting immigrants safely to outside our territorial waters were ironically ridiculed as ‘unfeasible’ and ‘extreme’ by the authorities themselves,” AN said.

“It is also salient that this policy was also one of the few points that PL did not copy from AN. Despite the government’s statements, Azzjoni Nazzjonali had retorted that it was only a matter of time before the government would have to eat its words and resort to such a measure. Circumstances have proved AN correct yet again as it also was when it had foretold that both Frontex and voluntary burden sharing would prove to be abject failures despite being hailed as a means of salvation by the government,” the political party added.

“Whilst Azzjoni Nazzjonali will continue to support our authorities, whenever they show conviction and resolve to take the actions that are necessary to defend our country’s sovereign rights, it believes that Malta and Italy, both of which are victims of a new form of colonization would be better served if they collaborated and adopted a common stand. Both countries have a common cause to pile the necessary pressure on other member states to institute EU repatriation agreements with third party countries and to amend the Dublin II convention. It is only in this fashion that both countries can eventually solve the problem of illegal immigration justly and humanely,” it added.

It appealed for both governments put aside their grievances and work to put up a common front so that the problem can be addressed seriously to the benefit of both.

Tuesday, 5th May 2009

Migrants at sea will get help to reach Italy
Kurt Sansone

The Cabinet yesterday upped the stakes in Malta’s diplomatic row with Italy when it decided that the government could provide immigrants at sea with assistance to continue on their way towards Italy.

The decision signifies a marked shift in government policy towards migrants making the journey across the Mediterranean.

In a strongly worded statement after a Cabinet meeting, which discussed the most recent case involving the rescue of 66 immigrants off Lampedusa, the government reaffirmed its obligation to help those who found themselves in difficulty.

However, it qualified the meaning of help, insisting this would vary on a case-by-case basis. People who faced danger because their boat was in no shape to travel would have to be taken to the nearest port.

In other cases, immigrants would be granted the necessary assistance “to be able to continue their voyage without danger.”

Previously, there was no policy to intervene in this way, especially given that such action would certainly have incurred Italy’s displeasure.

Referring to the recent incident, the government accused Italy of reneging on its international obligations when it stopped an AFM patrol boat from disembarking the rescued migrants at Lampedusa.

The Cabinet described Italy’s excuse that it did not have the necessary means to rescue the migrants as contradictory because when the AFM patrol boat arrived on the scene a helicopter belonging to the Guardia di Finanza was already hovering above the migrants’ dinghy.

The Italian ambassador’s claims that Lampedusa was not a “safe” port of call were also deemed “unacceptable”.

“Lampedusa is an integral part of the Italian territory to which the island has frequent and regular transport services,” the Cabinet said.

The government reiterated that it would not accede to Italy’s request to take over parts of Malta’s search and rescue area.

The proposal to lend assistance to some boats replicates that made by far-right party Azzjoni Nazzjonali earlier this year and vindicates a similar suggestion made by Nationalist backbencher Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, who argued that rescued migrants should be put on a boat and sent back to Libya.

However, this tactic is not new. It had already been tried in 2003 when the Armed Forces of Malta had intercepted a boatload of 148 immigrants, who were given enough fuel to reach Italy. The Italian authorities sent them back on arrival by virtue of the bilateral repatriation agreement signed between both countries.

The proposal is also along the lines suggested by the Labour Party. Last month, Labour presented a 20-point plan, which included the suggestion to temporarily suspend Malta’s international obligations.

Earlier in the day Labour leader Joseph Muscat criticized the government for its handling of the most recent spat with Italy.

He accused it of falling into the “Italian trap” when it believed their excuse that they had no means to rescue the migrants that were closer to Lampedusa.

“The government should have never accepted such an excuse from Italy. It is simply not credible,” Dr Muscat said.

However, he did not say what should have been done and whether the government was right to dispatch a patrol boat to rescue the migrants, who were in a precarious situation.


Friday, 1st May 2009 – 20:32CET

JRS calls on EU to establish clear rules on rescue at sea
Yesterday’s rescue of migrants from a vessel in distress by the Maltese authorities highlighted the lack of clarity of existing rules on rescue at sea and admission of survivors, the Jesuit Refugee Service said.

In a statement, JRS Malta called upon the European Union to establish clear rules in this regard.

Yesterday, the government admitted to Malta 66 irregular migrants rescued from their dinghy, even though they were a short distance away from the Italian island of Lampedusa.

“This incident underscores the need for a system that allows for effective responsibility sharing among member states of the EU, to ensure that the states along the Mediterranean border are not left to deal with maritime arrivals single-handedly,” JRS director Fr Joseph Cassar SJ, said.

“Many people making the crossing are in fact in need of international protection, which means that they will face serious harm if they are returned to their country. They use an irregular route because it is impossible for them to reach a place of safety in any other way,” he said.

JRS Malta commended the “courageous decision” to put people’s needs first, in spite of possible misgivings regarding legal responsibility.

“We must highlight the significance of the decision. On the fifth anniversary of Malta’s accession to the EU, this action sets out the true values that give us direction as a nation,” Fr Cassar said.

He said that Mediterranean states could not respond with solidarity to the human drama unfolding in the region without the support of other member states.

JRS was concerned that lack of adequate burden-sharing mechanisms could lead to situations where states refused to grant admission to migrants, as witnessed in recent days or, worse, to refuse to save migrants in distress because of the implications of a decision to accept them.

It called for the creation of effective burden-sharing mechanisms among EU member states to ensure that the right to seek asylum was safeguarded.


Malta fell into Italy’s trap – Joseph Muscat

The Maltese government gave in yesterday and fell into Italy’s trap when it brought over to Malta 66 migrants who had been saved by the Armed Forces of Malta close to Lampedusa, Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat said.

Speaking this evening during the party’s May Day celebrations, Dr Muscat said he believed this was ample proof that a serious plan was needed in this area, rather than management by crisis.

The party’s action plan was spot on and needed badly. The national interest had to be considered first and foremost.

He said that EU Socialist leader Martin Schulz had written to him guaranteeing support for Malta – a country with a unique problem of illegal migration. Mr Schulz said that Malta could not wait for the EU anymore and needed to be treated as a special case since the issue has become too sensitive and urgent.

In a reply to Dr Muscat’s speech, the Nationalist Party said that although the Labour leader called for drastic action on illegal migration, when it came to voting on motions which directly affected Malta in Brussels, the Labour MEPs abstained or did not vote.

The Labour leader also tackled the financial crisis, saying this was created by conservative governments that believed money came first and people second.

Even though Malta had not been affected initially, the Prime Minister had created uncertainty by introducing higher utility rates, and bringing on an economic crisis with his own hands.

The government, he said, could not decide whether it created 7,000 or 2,000 jobs, but unemployment grew by 15 percent, with 1,000 more people registering for work than last year.

The Labour leader accused Dr Gonzi of reducing conditions of work and said the state needed to help the economic situation by reducing taxes and creating more investment.

He said there was a severe problem of deficit in the country, coupled with a lack of investment, which he said dropped by 40 per cent since last year.

Mentioning a list of companies which had decided to reduce their workforce even after promises by Dr Gonzi that this would not be the case, Dr Muscat said that workers needed to give the government a sign.

“If you stay home the person you will please most is Dr Gonzi,” he said, referring to the forthcoming EP election.

The PN said later that the Labour Party did not know the difference between job creation and an increase in jobs and mixed the two together.

He also ignored the fact that foreign investment last year amounted to €624 million.

Dr Muscat led a demonstration from the Palace in Valletta to Freedom Square, from where he addressed the gathering.

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Malta EU’s Relationship

A lot of Maltese motorists are obviously disgruntled with the Government’s imposition of VAT taxes on EU vehicles’ imported into Malta.

It seems that the Malta is a part time member of the EU at best. I shall explain myself,

In every EU member state, there is the VAT system that is paid by the consumer on purchases made in that particular Country, and it works. If I go to any EU Country and purchase an item I pay VAT in that Country and vise-versa, those that visit Malta have to pay VAT in Malta for their purchased items.

I do not reclaim VAT of any purchases made in an EU Country and repay the Maltese Government VAT as other members of the EU Community also cannot reclaim VAT from Malta to repay VAT in their Country.

That is what the EU is supposed to be all about, freedom of movement of people , money and investment in any EU state.

Now here is where the Maltese Government decided to be a part time EU member state, car dealers and car importers in Malta are nothing short of thieves, that sell their cars for an exorbitant amount of money, most of the time for un-road worthy old cars which are not fuel efficient or environmentally friendly cars, new car dealers are no better, as the cars they sell are no match for the same model sold in Europe, in Malta everything seems to be an optional extra, not to mention that no special deals are given to the Maltese buyers like they do in most EU countries, where it is not uncommon to find dealers selling at 0% interest.

So a lot of Maltese found a simple more viable option, go to the UK or other EU member state and purchase their car from there. Obviously, the Government in Malta wants to profit from this so Malta charges VAT on already VAT’ed cars. It does not matter that it is against EU policies, as those in Brussels are so busy in a coma, that by the time they realize what the Maltese Government is illegally doing to consumers, the Maltese Government would have racked in millions of Euros from consumers, and all he has to do after he is cuaght out  is find another scam of how to manipulate the EU system.

You see all the Maltese  Government is interested in is Euros, free Euros from Europe and sucking dry the Maltese consumers and businesses out of their money.

When all EU car manufacturers are struggling to come up with schemes to keep the industry alive and saving employment within Europe, here comes the Maltese Government and denies the Maltese consumer from buying a European made brand new car or second hand environmentally friendlier car by imposing these exorbitant fees, taxes, tariffs or whatever other money scavenging scheme that the Maltese Government want to call it.

But than the Government want to be renowned for environmentally friendly initiatives. Who do you think you are kidding Mr Gonzi. Environmentally friendly only if there is money that you can scavange from the consumer, otherwise the system would have been to incentivise not punish those that want a modern environmentally friendlier cat, compared with with the heap of scrap metal you find driven on Maltese roads. 

Here is what I think. The Maltese Government is bankrupt, just like most of the EU banking institutions. What they were valuing was only money on paper, but not real money, and the Maltese Government monetary projections are just the same as those European failed institutions, and I bet my bottom dollar that if Malta’s finances had to be well and truly investigated by the EU they would arrive at my conclusion. Malta is bankrupt, the Government has mismanaged the country and is trying to resort to illegality and rip offs to try and get the country out of the red.

Democracy, where ? Malta, not even plain good old justice.

The PN has failed miserably (a party that I have voted for and supported for most of my life), and not just in finance but in every field, be it the health system, were millions were spent on a state of the art hospital which is not capable of serving its purpose with long waiting lists for simple operations, to the over supplied housing market with artificially inflated prices were supply greatly exceeds demand in a supposedly market ecconomy, to the failed education system where there is an over abundance of illiteracy let alone proper teaching facilities, to the long time and back log of court cases to satisfy justice being done, to the worst road infrastructure on earth, where roads are a life threatening risk to users, to greedy politicians that are in it for gain through corrupt practices and a thousand other issues that qualifies Malta as a third world Country rather than an EU state.

No wonder the islands are being filled with African illegal immigrants, they will surely feel at home here.

 Here is what one of the Maltese Government’s appologists had to say to a complaining consumer:

VAT refunds on car registration (2)

I refer to Caroline Muscat’s report ‘Getting a car from the UK? You may pay VAT twice’ (The Sunday Times, March 1).

VAT on new means of transport is paid in the place of destination (where the car is registered). If a person incurs VAT in the UK and then decides to transfer and register the car in Malta while it is still considered as a new means of transport, the person will incur VAT in Malta but can claim back the VAT incurred in the UK under conditions established by Directive 2006/112/EC. In such a case an application is to be made to the UK tax authorities who are responsible for this refund.

On the other hand, one who incurs VAT in Malta on a car which is transferred to and registered in another member state while still considered a new means of transport incurs VAT in the other member state.

However, one may claim a refund of the Maltese VAT under the conditions of the above-mentioned directive.

May I point out that information regarding VAT on new means of transport may be found in a leaflet published by the VAT Department in 2004 entitled ‘New Means of Transport and Excise goods’ which may be obtained either from the VAT Department, Birkirkara, or downloaded from the VAT Department’s website at:

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