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Malta Public Transport

What a refreshing gesture from the Ministry in charge of Transport in Malta. Well done Honorable Austin Gatt for a firm decision to eradicate monopolized system in the funeral hearse transport system. I just hope that now that the transport ‘bullying’ and public blackmail approach being taken by the Malta transport federation or Public Transport Association   is addressed by the Minister in liberalizing the whole sector to create a real completive transport system for the benefit of the public.

We need more of Ministers like Austin Gatt and John Dalli, that have a vision and know what direction and destiny that has to be reached, without being intimidated or succumb to blackmail from federations or unions, go for it, you’re doing and exceeding the public expectations. You know we deserve the best and doing your utmost to give us the best. The Prime Minister should learn a thing or two by your actions and should insist on other Ministries to act in the same manner or resign their posts to others that have the guts and ability to act. I hope that the Minister will not succumb to pressure from unions and Federations as he is on the right track, he should also seek legislation to illegalize full industrial actions in vital sectors and revoke licenses to those that do not provide a public service, especially those that have a monopoly in providing a vital service. How many times we heard that fares on buses had to increase so that they modernize their buses, but still having a majority of ex-world war 2 vehicles in our public transport system. It’s due time to take the bull by the horn and reform those that use delaying tactics in reforming. Again well done and the police force must do their role in bringing to justice those that harass or take the law in their own hands, no place for bullies and arrogance as used by some in the transport system.


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