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Incompetent Maltese Goverment

How sad, to have a Government that cannot find true social solutions to the multitude problems facing the Maltese citizens. The new buzz word to all problems seems to be ‘The high price of Oil, outside Government control and that it is an imported problem’. Lies, Lies and more Lies, the truth is that the Government has abdicated from doing its duties towards its citizens. I can give some practical examples that is used by serious Industry Managers.

  1. What is in the pipeline to mitigate at future oil supplies and future oil price rises – NOTHING
  2. What is Enemalta doing to guarantee future supplies – Nothing
  3. What incentives are given to help fuel efficiency – Nothing
  4. What investments are being made in alternative energy – Nothing
  5. What investments are being made in exploration for oil/gas in an area surrounded by oil producing Nations – Nothing

That is why I keep reiterating that we don’t have leaders in Malta, we have amateurs that have amassed a great wealth and power that can be used to abuse and hold to ransom the whole Nation. Our Parliament has become to look more like a Mafia forum with the Godfather running the Government.

Solutions are easy to find but they are not willing to use their pea brain. The media has been a propaganda machine to the Government, with no real investigative reporting to find and disclose the hidden Government agenda, instead they keep repeating the Government’s arguments ‘That the reasons for fuel prices is an International and imported problem and justifies the Government’s repeated steal of its citizens money in ever increasing direct and indirect taxation with the ever diminishing services and assets.


  1. Stop being the European Begging Nation – We are not beggars, it’s either we are treated as equals or we don’t really need to belong there.
  2. Float Enemalta, and insist on the board of Directors and Chairman to have set goals – underperformers are to be given the boot on there behind. They must invest in future oil exploration and alternative energy partnerships to guarantee future energy supplies, and curb antiquated energy waste through their infrastructure. If need be it can be floated on the Malta stock exchange, first of all to be more transparent in its profits and losses and how their assets are managed. In a few words to become a professional enterprise instead of an amateur run energy company. It’s incredible that a monopoly Company is in such a dire situation, you could smell it from a million miles away that it’s a Government run enterprise.
  3. Encourage investment in oil exploration around our territorial waters and onshore, by reviewing antiquated exploration contracts, Find the oil once and they will all flock around you for an opportunity to drill and exploit. Give them the opportunity to make their first strike of oil and then start dictating your exploration licenses. Not exploiting them before even given the opportunity to strike oil/gas.
  4. Have a serious energy resources department run by professionals that have international contacts, they are expensive but their return can run into billions of dollars, but for God’s sakes let it be run by an Oil Exploration professional, like an ex-CEO of a Multinational Oil Company, not by a Minister that doesn’t even know where the dip stick in his car engine is let alone how to explore for oil.
  5. Incentivize scientific research alternative energy companies to open up shop in Malta, use funds and now that we are members of the EU, exploit their research funds to attract these Companies. Organize International Conferences and advertise where these Companies Congregate.
  6. Stop taxing fuel indiscriminately, if the polluters pay is going to be adopted than it should be at the pump, those who use it pay for emissions of their usage, not a set price at car licensing on engine capacity, a 30cc engine used on Sundays emits less co2 than an engine 10cc used 24/7, but alas a dead brained Government’s easy option is to target the masses, another tax collection method and not an environmental issue, that comes into the equation a lot further down the line.
  7. High energy consuming enterprises. Including Hotels that does not meet the criteria to reduce consumption and modernizing by investing in energy saving methods should shoulder the cost of fuel increases as everyone else, and the Government should stand bold into threats of employee redundancies.

I think I have made some points that are worth looking into. A Government worth its salt should stop funding inefficiencies and start being professional in its outlook towards its mission to protect its HONEST HARD WORKING citizens, not those that become paralyzed by Government inefficiency of those that pray on the social handouts and work in the black economy.

The Global Warming issue is overstated, CO2 is a natural element, there is more CO2 released into the atmosphere than the whole use of CO2 per annum due to natural earth activity such as volcanoes. The International buzz word as CO2 emissions and Global Warming are only scare mongering tactics by environmentalists that managed to infiltrate Governmental positions and International sponsorships from industries having interest in such dooms day approach. In reality China and India will consume more energy and emit more CO2 into the atmosphere even if the EU keeps setting it’s emissions lower, efficiency is a good thing to provide longer term used of the limited natural Oil resources, but surely not at the cost of driving employers out of the EU into China and India, after all the EU will ultimately pay the price by unemployment costs on their Countries financial system .Research also proved that the world has gone through warming phases in the past with evidence in snow layers in the Arctic, might have been accelerated from the use of oil since the Industrial revolution but Oil is still being used and still will be the main form of energy used in the foreseeable future, emissions can only be delayed by a few years at most but will still be emitted. Another theory that nobody seems not to blow horns about is the suns increasing solar wind activity and the effects on earth, so what happens next, install an outer space umbrella to shield the earth. Nature’s way of protecting itself is well under estimated. Mother Earth does not need human intervention to mess up its work as it can deal with whatever it is thrown at her, nobody can bring back the dinosaurs as mother nature found a solution for that, it’s called evolution, and if mother earth has planned in its evolution to destroy the top predator in the food chain, it will do so, just like the dinosaur.



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