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Malta MEP elections 2009 – PN/PL in a panic

The PN and PL are stumbling over each other, in trying to present themselves as the defenders of the Maltese Public and the future of the Maltese Islands.

You could smell an election in Malta, by the sudden Political agenda springing to life. The failure of both the PN and the PL, to keep mum for years, in regards to Malta’s invasion of the islands by illegal immigrants, has now caught up with both the major parties. Mr Gonzi and Co, including the PN MEP’s have now realized how naive they were in trusting the EU to assist and help Malta in alleviating the burden of illegal immigrant, with promise after promise that the EU is about to start tackling this problem seriously, something that not only did not materialize, but even our neighbor Italy made a mockery of our Government. Our illegal immigration spokesman in the EU, after all kinds of promises in imminent EU assistance has now resigned from the idea that the EU is four square behind him on his action plan, with the EU resigning to the idea that Malta will be lost to the illegal immigrants.

Gonzi and Co have been now exposed to the Maltese public, for what they really are. Last minute springing to life regarding this issue will not help the PN in non other by being despised by the current and future Maltese, for not coming to our defense when they were duty bound to defend the Maltese public who elected them. Instead they chose willingly not to, just to please other Countries. They have now sprung to life because they know that the public will be showing their anger with vengeance, they will give their answer the PN for branding the Maltese public racists and xenophobes in the polls in the upcoming MEP elections, they will reply to the legislation against the Maltese public by passing anti-Maltese laws for those that speak and voice their opinion against the settling and integration in Malta of illegal immigrants. The public will show their anger against the current Government for squandering their taxed income on illegal immigration while creating all kinds of hardship on the Maltese families by creating all kinds of Taxes, Tariffs and other hidden monetary burden just to appease the EU, the UN and NGO groups that have never been responsible in electing our present leaders. No one will ever trust the PN and their representatives again because everybody now got used to their lies, that before an election they spring to life and the next day after the election, they die again till the next election. The time has come, and when other European Citizens see that the Maltese public is now tired of being lied to, they will too start working seriously to regain control of their own Countries. Europe created an integrated Europe for the benefit of its people not to be given to all other Nationals that don’t have the right to work, live and reside there, not for other Nationals to take their livelihood, workplace, businesses, whole cities, and their hard earned money that was paid to alleviate the hardship of their fellow citizens and now being given away to other countries. Instead of all EU countries saving our money in the good days for a rainy day instead they chose to give it away and squander our money irresponsibly, even the auditors of the EU have qualms regarding EU unaccountable spending and giving away tax money. To make things worse all EU leaders and EU Countries Leaders have the guts to spend even more of our tax money to save their own money after the financial crash instead of saving homes and jobs.

I also hope that the PN stops treating the Maltese public as idiots, when they say that the PL voted in favour of Illegal Immigrants getting voting rights they are only confirming that they have got so used to lying to the public, that they are now believing their own lies. There is such a thing called internet where one can accuratly determine and find out the truth without having to resort to lies from the PN , PL or the Maltese media, they all lie according to their own agenda, on the otherhand the internet provides the golden treasure called truth, which is extremely lacking in the Maltese Politics and media.

Come on June 2009, I think that after that month the EU will never be the same again. To our representatives in the EU- you’d better plan your exit as the time of stealing our tax money is soon coming to an end- make the most of your filthy, greedy hands in the big pie.

Recent Newspaper reports:

Tuesday, 5th May 2009 – 14:39CET


PN ‘strongly condemns’ PL statement on immigration
The Nationalist Party said today it strongly condemned a statement issued by the Labour Party on illegal immigration, saying the party had destroyed national consensus on this issue and put partisan interests before the national interest.

“Through its decision to destroy the national consensus on immigration, the Labour Party under Joseph Muscat has reduced politics to the lowest level. Consensus on such a sensitive issue had even been maintained under Alfred Sant , but Joseph Muscat’s earthquake has managed to destroy it,” the PN said.

The PN claimed that the PL leader, through an ‘irresponsible position’ was serving the interests of the Italian government, which had an interest in taking over Malta’s search and rescue area and the Flight Information Region.

It said the PL had a dismal record on illegal immigration. As an MEP, Dr Muscat never took any initiative on immigration, but then in Malta he threatened use of the veto in the EU institutions.

The Labour MEPs had also voted in a contradictory fashion on the granting of the right to vote to migrants. In June 2005, one of the Labour MEPs voted in favour, in July 2006 the three MEPs, including Dr Muscat, abstained, and in September last year, they did not vote despite being present. In April, as the election approached, they voted against.

The Labour MEPs had also abstained during votes on detention policy and the repatriation of migrants and they had voted against keeping immigration a priority of the EU.

This contrasted with the actions of the Nationalist MEPs, who had helped shape the European Parliament’s policy on immigration, helped increase the Frontex budget and achieved the Parliament’s backing for amendments to the Dublin regulation and mandatory burden-sharing.

The PN insisted it would always seek the national interest in its policies on immigration.

See PL statement at:


Tuesday, 5th May 2009 – 11:25CET

Government decision on migration – “too little, too late” – PL

The Labour Party said today that the immigration issue showed that that this was a case of management by crisis and the government was continue to show itself to lack backbone.

The party was reacting to yesterday’s government statement, where it said that migrants in distress who abandoned their boats would be taken to the nearest port, but others may be assisted to continue on their journey.

The PL said this was nothing more than a spur of the moment reaction by the Gonzi government which was managing by crisis after having fallen into the trap laid by the Italians. The government had had to assume responsibility for 66 migrants which should have been taken in by Italy.

The Prime Minister had lost control of the situation and the decisions it was taking now were too little, too late. Labour leader Joseph Muscat had urged the government not to sign the Immigration Pact because it did not feature mandatory burden-sharing. Now Dr Muscat was being proved right, the PL said.

The PN and its colleagues in the PPE had not voted in favour of the EU Immigration Agency but now they agreed with it.

The PL also pointed out that the government had claimed that the issue of responsibility for the migrants had been solved in a phone call between Dr Gonzi and Sig Berlusconi in the wake of the Pinar E incident, only for it to have resurfaced once more.

The government, the PL said, should admit it had no plan to tackle immigration, in contrast to the PL which had published a plan with 20 points.


Tuesday, 5th May 2009 – 10:25CET

AN says its migrants policy has been vindicated
Azzjoni Nazzjonali said today that the Maltese government had finally decided to show some resolve on illegal immigration.

“The Cabinet’s decision to ‘assist such persons to continue on their way without danger’ is another vindication of AN’s policies outlined in its 10 point action plan on illegal immigration. These 10 points which included the proposal to escorting immigrants safely to outside our territorial waters were ironically ridiculed as ‘unfeasible’ and ‘extreme’ by the authorities themselves,” AN said.

“It is also salient that this policy was also one of the few points that PL did not copy from AN. Despite the government’s statements, Azzjoni Nazzjonali had retorted that it was only a matter of time before the government would have to eat its words and resort to such a measure. Circumstances have proved AN correct yet again as it also was when it had foretold that both Frontex and voluntary burden sharing would prove to be abject failures despite being hailed as a means of salvation by the government,” the political party added.

“Whilst Azzjoni Nazzjonali will continue to support our authorities, whenever they show conviction and resolve to take the actions that are necessary to defend our country’s sovereign rights, it believes that Malta and Italy, both of which are victims of a new form of colonization would be better served if they collaborated and adopted a common stand. Both countries have a common cause to pile the necessary pressure on other member states to institute EU repatriation agreements with third party countries and to amend the Dublin II convention. It is only in this fashion that both countries can eventually solve the problem of illegal immigration justly and humanely,” it added.

It appealed for both governments put aside their grievances and work to put up a common front so that the problem can be addressed seriously to the benefit of both.

Tuesday, 5th May 2009

Migrants at sea will get help to reach Italy
Kurt Sansone

The Cabinet yesterday upped the stakes in Malta’s diplomatic row with Italy when it decided that the government could provide immigrants at sea with assistance to continue on their way towards Italy.

The decision signifies a marked shift in government policy towards migrants making the journey across the Mediterranean.

In a strongly worded statement after a Cabinet meeting, which discussed the most recent case involving the rescue of 66 immigrants off Lampedusa, the government reaffirmed its obligation to help those who found themselves in difficulty.

However, it qualified the meaning of help, insisting this would vary on a case-by-case basis. People who faced danger because their boat was in no shape to travel would have to be taken to the nearest port.

In other cases, immigrants would be granted the necessary assistance “to be able to continue their voyage without danger.”

Previously, there was no policy to intervene in this way, especially given that such action would certainly have incurred Italy’s displeasure.

Referring to the recent incident, the government accused Italy of reneging on its international obligations when it stopped an AFM patrol boat from disembarking the rescued migrants at Lampedusa.

The Cabinet described Italy’s excuse that it did not have the necessary means to rescue the migrants as contradictory because when the AFM patrol boat arrived on the scene a helicopter belonging to the Guardia di Finanza was already hovering above the migrants’ dinghy.

The Italian ambassador’s claims that Lampedusa was not a “safe” port of call were also deemed “unacceptable”.

“Lampedusa is an integral part of the Italian territory to which the island has frequent and regular transport services,” the Cabinet said.

The government reiterated that it would not accede to Italy’s request to take over parts of Malta’s search and rescue area.

The proposal to lend assistance to some boats replicates that made by far-right party Azzjoni Nazzjonali earlier this year and vindicates a similar suggestion made by Nationalist backbencher Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, who argued that rescued migrants should be put on a boat and sent back to Libya.

However, this tactic is not new. It had already been tried in 2003 when the Armed Forces of Malta had intercepted a boatload of 148 immigrants, who were given enough fuel to reach Italy. The Italian authorities sent them back on arrival by virtue of the bilateral repatriation agreement signed between both countries.

The proposal is also along the lines suggested by the Labour Party. Last month, Labour presented a 20-point plan, which included the suggestion to temporarily suspend Malta’s international obligations.

Earlier in the day Labour leader Joseph Muscat criticized the government for its handling of the most recent spat with Italy.

He accused it of falling into the “Italian trap” when it believed their excuse that they had no means to rescue the migrants that were closer to Lampedusa.

“The government should have never accepted such an excuse from Italy. It is simply not credible,” Dr Muscat said.

However, he did not say what should have been done and whether the government was right to dispatch a patrol boat to rescue the migrants, who were in a precarious situation.


Friday, 1st May 2009 – 20:32CET

JRS calls on EU to establish clear rules on rescue at sea
Yesterday’s rescue of migrants from a vessel in distress by the Maltese authorities highlighted the lack of clarity of existing rules on rescue at sea and admission of survivors, the Jesuit Refugee Service said.

In a statement, JRS Malta called upon the European Union to establish clear rules in this regard.

Yesterday, the government admitted to Malta 66 irregular migrants rescued from their dinghy, even though they were a short distance away from the Italian island of Lampedusa.

“This incident underscores the need for a system that allows for effective responsibility sharing among member states of the EU, to ensure that the states along the Mediterranean border are not left to deal with maritime arrivals single-handedly,” JRS director Fr Joseph Cassar SJ, said.

“Many people making the crossing are in fact in need of international protection, which means that they will face serious harm if they are returned to their country. They use an irregular route because it is impossible for them to reach a place of safety in any other way,” he said.

JRS Malta commended the “courageous decision” to put people’s needs first, in spite of possible misgivings regarding legal responsibility.

“We must highlight the significance of the decision. On the fifth anniversary of Malta’s accession to the EU, this action sets out the true values that give us direction as a nation,” Fr Cassar said.

He said that Mediterranean states could not respond with solidarity to the human drama unfolding in the region without the support of other member states.

JRS was concerned that lack of adequate burden-sharing mechanisms could lead to situations where states refused to grant admission to migrants, as witnessed in recent days or, worse, to refuse to save migrants in distress because of the implications of a decision to accept them.

It called for the creation of effective burden-sharing mechanisms among EU member states to ensure that the right to seek asylum was safeguarded.


Malta fell into Italy’s trap – Joseph Muscat

The Maltese government gave in yesterday and fell into Italy’s trap when it brought over to Malta 66 migrants who had been saved by the Armed Forces of Malta close to Lampedusa, Labour Party leader Joseph Muscat said.

Speaking this evening during the party’s May Day celebrations, Dr Muscat said he believed this was ample proof that a serious plan was needed in this area, rather than management by crisis.

The party’s action plan was spot on and needed badly. The national interest had to be considered first and foremost.

He said that EU Socialist leader Martin Schulz had written to him guaranteeing support for Malta – a country with a unique problem of illegal migration. Mr Schulz said that Malta could not wait for the EU anymore and needed to be treated as a special case since the issue has become too sensitive and urgent.

In a reply to Dr Muscat’s speech, the Nationalist Party said that although the Labour leader called for drastic action on illegal migration, when it came to voting on motions which directly affected Malta in Brussels, the Labour MEPs abstained or did not vote.

The Labour leader also tackled the financial crisis, saying this was created by conservative governments that believed money came first and people second.

Even though Malta had not been affected initially, the Prime Minister had created uncertainty by introducing higher utility rates, and bringing on an economic crisis with his own hands.

The government, he said, could not decide whether it created 7,000 or 2,000 jobs, but unemployment grew by 15 percent, with 1,000 more people registering for work than last year.

The Labour leader accused Dr Gonzi of reducing conditions of work and said the state needed to help the economic situation by reducing taxes and creating more investment.

He said there was a severe problem of deficit in the country, coupled with a lack of investment, which he said dropped by 40 per cent since last year.

Mentioning a list of companies which had decided to reduce their workforce even after promises by Dr Gonzi that this would not be the case, Dr Muscat said that workers needed to give the government a sign.

“If you stay home the person you will please most is Dr Gonzi,” he said, referring to the forthcoming EP election.

The PN said later that the Labour Party did not know the difference between job creation and an increase in jobs and mixed the two together.

He also ignored the fact that foreign investment last year amounted to €624 million.

Dr Muscat led a demonstration from the Palace in Valletta to Freedom Square, from where he addressed the gathering.


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